Thankyou people of Rhammus


You know as this world winds down, I've noticed something.

Many people are getting ready to either A. Join the next world or go to their next calling in life.

As of late I personally have a few friends here on Rhammus, and I'm sure a few of you do to; these people will be heading off to their respective countries bootcamps for the Spring/Summer months.

I'd like to say now, that if I may speak for everyone, Thankyou.

Thankyou for going to our respective countries Military training facilities to defend our nations citizens and interest. Thankyou for being those that would answer a call that many of us would or could not take.

Without people like you, we would not have our luxuries or freedoms that we have now, and your sacrifice could not be thanked enough in your upcoming endeavor.

So from the people of Rhammus.

To all those heading out to the Military as the Spring/Summer comes near,

Thankyou. Luck and Speed be with you.