Pnp The 3 vs. 1 War.


To all of you Grepo Players in this World(Gonnos) that are not aware of what is currently happening should know. If you already did not know. TW-Shadow, Black Knights, and Black Flag have been pacted for some great time now and their intentions are pretty clear now. They have pacted together to destroy Dont Cry. Seeing that Black Flag could not handle us on their own(Conquest score = 12-1 in favor of Dont Cry), Black Flag had to persistently ask their allies for help. And now they have it. With a massive offensive the First day(Today).

Now the War has been completely turned over and I have to say, We(Dont Cry) are now on the defensive with already being outnumbered by Black Flag in our 1 vs. 1 War by almost double the players, but, now we face two extra opponents with numbers almost quadrupling our players and definitely cities. :supermad:

Now if this Thread isn't Politics and Propaganda then I am not a Politician, so I ask everyone in this World brave enough to set the sides to an even 3 vs. 3 :pro:(SW):Angry: , Let the World War Era begin.

And may Dont Cry fight as Valiant and Courageous as they have done before. :pro:


We go to War today: (D)(SW) Rally to our side.
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And let the lies flow from the lips of babes :rolleyes:
What's wrong with u DLH...? U allied urself with the winning side to gain victory? I would be happy...

Still trying to shoot me down even though u guys now gain the upperhand...?

Hell of alot of No Mercy and Propaganda :p
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Yay finally something to read on the externals..nice one trae :)

Smells like bp if you ask me..and a chance to make a name for my time playing grepo..allies are always there to be found even when the odds seem against you..

First though..FIGHT LIKE HELL!! It is respect that makes you friends..


Incase you don't know, once we took one of traes 5 cities, he quite.

Smelly Armpit

So based in the conquests in Grepostats the wars in Gonnos that are worth mentioning are:

This list don't mean alliances that are grouped together are pacted, just the current wars of the stated alliance.

Don't Cry vs Black Flag / Shadow Knights

Black Flag vs Don't Cry / Cleopatras Aces / Rogue Shadow

Shadow Knights vs In Kontrol / Don't Cry

In Kontrol vs Global Anarchy / Global Defense / Shadow Knights / Other small alliances

Rogue Shadow vs Black Flag / Tyrants / Cleopatras Aces

Contract Killers vs Tyrants
Forgotten Ghosts - cities are free for all:p

Did I miss anything?


Ben edited his post purple. He realized how wrong he was. Ben is not smart. Ben posts wrong information. Ben messes up the forums. Ben is bad news. Ben is wrong.


Finally some action

So, here we are. Dont Cry still holds it ground. IK is gone, SK has merged with DC, BF is not fighting back and giving away their cities. :(
Thank god RS and CK are going to give us something to do, it was getting pretty boring. :cool:
JFD is carefully trying to see if we will react, pretty dumb, never poke in a Hornets nest. Come on guys, bring the rain, bring the pain, bring the BP's. :pro:
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