The best and the worst player Profile


This is a thread when players will publish their profiles and others will rate it :)

Since im the first guy who though about it, i think its right for me to publish mine first :p :p :p

"WELCOME TO ALBANIA! The Land of Eagles!

Time to take the throne . Causing some hard trauma

I don't need to be a gangster being an Albanian is even worse

Ay yo I laugh at these kids I used to beat everyday
Started wearin' suits now they think they got made
Once a ..... always a
Even if you're rich
Now you can turn up in a ditch
Da... what is it wit' these people everytime they fill a pocket
Think they're like invincible, here's a CS can you stop it?
Coming from [player]kleviskalajsi[/player], who got the force to pull it?
I'll show those so called untouchables die with one Colony Ship
I swear to what I love I'm a Supreme Power by mentality
Those who wanna battle me end up with a fatality

Cause she knows Kleviskalajsi is sick in the head
Till I get a coffin for a bed
Watch me spit red while I spray hot lead
Cause the Red and Black flag
And the boilin' blood in my vein
Made me pull a mighty force, yo I told you son I'm insane

If you wanna know what's courage
Courage's when you just don't give in
When you fight to the end even though you can't win
See a lot of fake dudes they be thinkin they're the hardest
Cuz they confuse courage with bein' heartless

Chaos Rising got my back through what ever thing i do ,before i even look at you they'll be conquering at your crew. In the name of the father the son and the holy ghost allahu ekber your city is toast.

We stick together!

My troops and my loyalty belong to my last alliance [ally]Chaos Rising[/ally]

With my ALBANIAN blood im here in ETA with my troops so that they can drink and eat in the enemy citys!

I come to you as Kleviskalajsi and i leave from you as your conqueror!

Welcome to my Gold Version

Personal allies and good friend in real life : Uzii ( You mess with him, you deal with me)

~~~~~~~~~~~Born for war~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~Nothing Personal Just Battle Points~~~~


~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ "
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Hi Klev,

Great Idea!

My theory with profiles is that no one wants to read them if they're heaps long. Another was that they should summarise your in-game personality, who you want to be perceived as by the rest of the community.

I'm generally a long winded person, but with my profile, my sister and I decided we'd go with the cliché and just have quotes or a short sentence that summarises our personality. She has a different one to myself.

Mine is:

"Have a capable general,
unhampered by his sovereign"

Self-praise is for losers, be a winner.
Stand for something.
Always have class, and be humble.

Hers is:

Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.

Don't fight a battle if you don't gain anything by winning



Hi Sylver,

Your profile :

Looks like you got courage and you are optimist :) I like that nice one

Her profile :

She doest have the courage you have but she thinks well, she thinks the possibilitys to win or to rule. She is like : " I want to rule throw noobs,better then becoming a noob and be ruled by others"... i dont know who she is in ETA but she seems good :)

Thanks for posting :)


Nice thread, + rep.

on the subject, mine is the coat of arms and few words only:

(D)Proud warrior of
(SW)Chaos Rising


I often switch songs I like in profiles
My is:

"Grey Wolf is looking at celestial armament"

"This is time of axe, time of sword, time of Wolf. Both All-father and Wolf will meet their destiny at field of Vigrid, in the fate of gods."

Waking Up The Devil

Almost midnight
I'm just sittin' at the bar
You slide right up
And whisper "I know who you are"

And if you want a little company tonight
You need a little love, I can give it to you right
Be careful what you wish for
If I'm gonna drive, girl it's gonna be one hell of a ride

Wakin' up the devil
Rattlin' the cage inside of me
I miss him a little
When he gets out, we're one hell of a team
I know I ought to leave
Him locked up and throw away the key
But his hand's on the wheel and my foot's on the pedal
Wakin' up the devil

Up walks a guy
Starin' a hole through me
Grabs her too tight
Then he pulls her off my knee

I didn't come here lookin' for a fight
But if you're gonna bark boy, you better have a bite
I ain't been crazy in a really long time
But you're about to meet a good friend of mine


Pretty girls and whiskey
Quarter bags and dimes
Put it in my face, I'm gonna do it every time
But try to keep him quiet
Try to hold him down
Damn it feels like heaven every time he comes around


Brothers in arms: ATmich
(O44 is ours ;)
zagreas (I'll give him a chance)

And many more ;)


I just quoted the Charge of the Light Brigade by Tennyson. Feel free to look it up at your leisure, but copying and pasting is a real chore from my phone.


Great thread!
My vote for best profile goes to Sylversage.

The first part of mine was updated some minutes ago. Maybe a lack of humility here ;)

The second part was written one year ago, after someone at UOW has made something really not fair to an enemy. This guy quickly left after he realized what he has done. He was not a bad guy, just immature. But some players proved me that I was right to write this.

18 January 2011: 5th best eta attacker

23 May 2011: Best eta attacker

13 August 2011: Best eta fighter

01 October 2011: First one to be simultaneously in top 5 of all global rankings for players (4th best player, 2nd best attacker and fighter, 5th best defender)

♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ (this is a full line on my profile, but doesn't work here)

Grepolis is a game, but a game with real people.
Please, think about it before insulting or trying to scam someone.

Humanity is perverse, coward, respectless and honorless but everybody can choose to follow a different way.

Respect, loyalty, honor and friendship are my rules.


18 January 2011: 5th best eta attacker

23 May 2011: Best eta attacker

13 August 2011: Best eta fighter

01 October 2011: First one to be simultaneously in top 5 of all global rankings for players (4th best player, 2nd best attacker and fighter, 5th best defender)

On the spirit of showing-off, you forgot your 3 million BPs probably :)
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I have just seen the profile of Adamberr - so far my favourite,description of every city in his ownership is really interesting.