The biggest war Kappa has ever seen.


Many people who play kappa read this forum, sadly not so many post on here. If you read this will you pls send a link to your leaders so they can sit up and take note.

It is a sad fact people but Kappa is dying. many people are leaving this server for the same reason. Public Enemy (PE) have got control of a huge part of this world and they are spreading like wildfire. The other alliances in here have 2 options...

1) Sit back and do nothing. Let them take your cities, rim your members and pray that one day they will leave you alone to carry on building your lovely cities for them to take at their will.

2) Fight back hard!!

If you think PE and Enigma will stop when they reach your city then you are wrong. They will carry on until they reach the rims. The only way to stop this is to make them hit a wall of players.

I can almost hear many of you saying "How? look how big and scary they are" but the facts in this game have been the same since day 1.

The biggest players can be defeated by many small players
If you look at the rankings we have around 800 players who have over 8 cities (this is enough to have a very good fight with) take away the 100 members in PE and the 43 members in Enigma that still leaves 657 players to make a big noise. I know many of them players are not in direct contact with PE members but they hold a huge area in the core so some of your players will be close enough to them, you can support these members to allow them to move forward or even get some cities close to them to get yourself some good BP's. The situation these 2 alliances find themselves in is stuck in the middle of some very big alliances. If these alliances were to work more together they would have large alliances pushing them from all directions this would make it very hard for them to support each other enough to be able to grow at a fast rate. I was part of an alliance in Zeta that was being pushed around by a few players that had many cities (Our biggest player had about 5 cities), in the end we all fought back and i saw 1 guy who had 25 cities lose over 20 of them in 48hrs before he ran into VM. We can achieve this here but we have to be willing to fight and fight hard. I'm not going to go into any plans here for obvious reasons and this post is not about discussing such matters or putting them into place but it is just to back up what you already know, if you don't fight back you will be hounded till your bitter end.

The Beetle is one of the strongest insects on earth but they are scared of the ant.

I am putting myself out there by posting this as many PE members know who i am in game but it has to be said.

Kappa is being swallowed people and only you and your allies can do something about it. Shall we have one last big war to finish all wars with nothing to lose?. Is it better to go down fighting than to lay down and die?. Damn right it is! Now get your leaders to take note and play this game in the way it is ment to be played! :pro:


some said he was crazy, others called him a hero. Personally I think he is just really high right now. :D


OOoo your the leader of Rising Stars, we havent had the pleasure of meeting yet....hopefully well see you in 046 soon!




Going back on topic, is there any alliance that is going to "pick up the glove"?


Rudicus you should of played it out BRAVEHEART style if you did I am sure you could get a bigger response.
or even do it like the Huns.


If it is Braveheart style you want, i will put my kilt back on, besides it's damn cold without it on and i keep frightening people when they come to the door.:p

:eek: I agree with Rudi, high or not, probably not enough if you ask me, the more the better if he is going to come out with ideas like this. :cool:

Why don't you start a premade on kappa Rudi, call it the PE Rimmer, i would join.:D

I am sure a few would. ;)


cabz bii

braveheart rudi haha u well prefer



:p I wondered how long it would take someone to spot the deliberate mistake about the premade. ;)



Wait, this would need all other kappa wars to cease to work. I do not think that FC/RS would consider halting their fight (a very good one, I might add) against us Crimsons to do this. If they would be, I am willing to retract that statement and see what could be done to make it work. I do have the influence inside CLE to do something if others are willing.

King Beast

Mate... I very much doubt anyone would want to stop fighting Crimsons
To be fair you can't even call it a fight as it all looks one way,
When we see a Crimson city in our area we don't even waste the time in spying it out, attack, kill, an take easy peasey..

So my opinion is that unless its gonna be a bolting world war The Crimsons are of little use.
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