The Blood Hounds


Hey guys,

Just a quick message to introduce myself and the newly established alliance- The Blood Hounds. I've not been playing the game that long but I'm totally dedicated to it. Me and my co-founder Vettes came from another large alliance due to its poor leadership, inactive members and poor communication and vowed to make our alliance different. All our members have a voice and we will not make a decision unless we have their backing. Although we're small we have a Pact with a large alliance and have their total support should we ever run into trouble we can't handle.
I'm aware that there are many alliances in the oceans 46 and 36 where we're based but few offer memberships with new players- unlike us. So if you're new, or fancy a change where members communicate, have a voice, support each other, then please send a message to myself or Vettes with the subject 'Request'

We hope to grow and become a very successful alliance in time.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll see you soon!