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The Legendary Hoplite

Hey guys, i will be making a newspaper for this world! This will go ahead!

The Byllis Times


What can you do to help keep this newspaper active?
•Contact me if you want to help with this newspaper, or be interveiwed by me!
•Send me comical stuff about the game, or anything that happened in-game (that's funny)
•Would you like to spread rumors about anyone? This is the place to do it, whilst being anonymous!
•Please post any suggestions for upcoming issues!



Gladiator s and j

This is said for pretty much every world but it rarely gets done. So good luck man!


If he didn't have a valid point I would agree but on this occasion ill sit on the fence as davinater's stats don't run in tangent with his ego.


noobs revive two week old dead threads.
afterall im a silly old Speed 1 World playing member...Oops Speed 1 Playing noob.

If reviving a old thread is bad / not allowed , then why do we have external forums.. or you can get it locked i think. Seems noobish again ;)