The Devils Clan PnP


So, during double BP day I sent out a few innocent attacks aimed at getting more BP to a neighboring alliance, The Devils Clan. That's how I found out that they didn't defend their cities very well. One thing led to another and....


I was starting to feel bad though, being a larger player and picking on a smaller player, potentially even causing him to quit the game altogether. So I made peace with The Devils Clan.


Once we had made peace, I started a shared forum tab with them so that we could make sure not to hit each others' Cships in ghost towns, talk about random things, and be generally peaceable. That's when I learned something very important about myself....


Good thing this RAF fellow came along. I clearly needed to be set straight. In fact, it turns out that this guy has a lot of really interesting insights. For example, people with "real jobs" don't play grepolis on Saturday nights. Curious.


Anyway, I started to tire of this fellow's incessant prattle.


And boy did that get him all riled up. I didn't know whether he wanted me to kill his troops or **** him...


When I didn't attack him, he seemed desperate for some action, so he starts begging one of our lady members, afinch, to come after him. Very politely.


When no attacks are forthcoming, he does the only thing that a rationale person who hasn't had any 'action' from a girl on a Saturday night in YEARS would do: he starts calling us Nazis.


When we ask the obvious "why is you so mad??" questions, poor RAF probably breaks down into tears and finally tells us what's really bothering him. You see, he wanted to send all his biremes to take out one of my sieges, but then a ceasefire was called!


But wait, RAF, I'm a total warmongerer. I love war. I need it to feed my enormous ego that you were telling me about. Would I really be the one who asked for a ceasefire?


Oh, that's right. It was your leader that wanted a ceasefire. I tried to explain the situation to my new friend RAF:


At this point, for reasons I still don't understand, RAF becomes furious with the notion that someone on the internet might think they know anything about computers. He also promises to track down everyone in his alliance in real life.... Creepy.....


But let's get back to the story. RAF, my buddy, is becoming desperate. He really wants to be attacked. I wonder why. And then realize that it's because he's been building nothing but defense ever since we started attacking his alliance and now that we're at peace, has no way of turning all those archers into BP...


I strongly considered administering a thorough face-stomping to this disrespectful little kid. But then I really just couldn't find a city of his that I wanted.... Apparently, this is exactly what he wanted me to think! HAH! I fell into his ingenious trap.


You see, if I had sent a spy, I would have seen that one of his cities was completely maxed! I decided to take the pass less traveled and just take a look at his profile:


Hm. Must be a glitch. Anyway, back to business. RAF needs to turn his archers into BP.


He really mis-spoke though - when he called her a *****, he really meant to say that she was a ****.


When that didn't get an attack out of us, he decided to go the only other direction that he could think of - straight between my legs!


When I don't acknowledge him, he just keeps going and going....


Like an Energizer Bunny.....


Someone should tell him that the cold war was never actually fought so that when he claims to have been in it, he doesn't sound like such a fool when he talks about all his cold war buddies that died on the battlefield - God rest their souls, of course.

So in summary, RAF spends an evening verbally insulting myself and another member of my alliance with ill-written, dense, and hardly logical prose riddled with profanity.

Fine. But there's one thing that really upset me. He thinks that he didn't have a fair chance to attack one of our sieges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we made two more sieges on Devils Clan cities just for you to attack raffy boy! They are in "Kronopolus" and "1. mepi's city". The CS's belong to myself and afinch (you know, my **** *****, as you would call her).

Happy Hunting, Jerk.


i see you have put a lot of work in this killer, and i wanna thank you for that! it was very amusing, and gave me a clear summary from what was told in that thread
also, is it permitted to even insult people like that on grepolis, if so i would like to start doing it as well, i always tried to avoid those words?


haha, sal

I don't think you're allowed to say those sorts of things in game ... In fact, I'm a bit worried that all my work will go to waste if a mod sees this and decides that the edits I made were not enough to make it "forum-appropriate" ...


ouch then maybe raf will get banned? didn't he just get back from a bann?


i think he is fresh off from one - but I think he's probably feeling bad enough knowing that he lost his alliance two 10k cities.... though there are 14 hours left for him to mount his offensive....


Great thread!!! I can't figure out if he really is a retired military man (RAF = Royal Air Force?) or Milton.



haha - that's exactly what I was thinking!!

he did apologize for his outburst though - seems you shouldn't drink and grepolis ....


And I thought some of the messages I receive are bad.... Well, they are...
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