Pnp The dishonourable wolf



a Pnp by Genios

Long ago in an ocean far far away, a lone wolf split from the pack and decided to integrate with the humans at the camp.

The humans were nice to the wolf and gave him warmth and shelter from the storm and allowed him to sleep by the fire. The humans trusted him and took him in.

The wolf grew and grew and gained confidence that he began howling to his comrades the information about the humans. Little did the humans know what the calls were.

Offering his services in exchange for protection

Forwarding info on our attacks and plans and lying to us

Trying to fake that he was still on our side

Sending birs to kill our own sieges and boasting about the BP from them

However the humans caught on to this quickly and sent him away.

However when you play with fire, you get burned and the wolf felt the cold icy steel of the humans after getting kicked out of the pact. In quick succession the humans stripped away large chunks off the beast with ease.

However the cowardly wolf did not want to fight the humans and feigned death where neither he nor the humans could fight each other.

The pack just stood by and watched, not defending their comrade even though he helped them so much with the information.

(the actual Wolfpack CoA lol)

The so called "Wolfpack" of the world Dion should stick to what they know: being lapdogs and not making the terrible mistake of turning on their masters. Spying shows their complete lack of moral fibre and that they shouldn't be trusted. The alliance even shows no solidarity to their own player who actually did their dirty work. Also to any others who want to attempt to spy you will be found and your ever so precious cities will be taken away from you.

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I don't play this world, but this was a good read. Thanks @Genios +1

*Also, I read this, and somebody has deleted some of the responses etc... Not sure why.........
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