The Eagles Destiny


The Eagles Destiny

We look after our members with our experience, and by many different methods
Experienced players prefered but we will take any one so long as they are active self disciplined and motivated in this world and game .Go inactive for three days or more and your booted there are no excuses All members must be active in the forums at all times
In all matters arising contact Lordbyron*
Yes we are all of the above but we believe in having fun and enjoy a good laugh as well so join us have fun . We need you
We are not an MRA clan but at the moment we are recruiting

Based in ocean 44
We would appreciate any new members prefer experienced players .. But we will help newbies learn so long as you stay active and join in forum chats

Rooster Jones

hmmm... not sure I'm liking this alliance.

I'm pretty sure I have cyber-squatting rights to all Avian names used in Grepolis.