Pnp The Empire needs You...!


Guest read this piece of pseudo-political satire and have an open mind about its contents.

This is the saga of The Empire.

Once a mighty empire in a system far-far away...
Byzantine Empire made its way into a the new system of Eubea...
to spread their blooming culture...
and teach all the infidels of the world...
how a system has to be run.

Sadly some of The Empire's finest were unwilling to leave their home and had to be left behind, so an activate campaign was set up in the new system and a call was sent out to every able-bodied citizen loyal to the empire and skilled in the use of weaponry to join the cause!

The recruitment campaign was a success and in no time the empire was growing strong in the new region, feeding off the seemingly unending supply of battle points provided by all the infidels who did not accept the empire's call.

Finding themselves in a system with a surprisingly strong presence of the force an effort was made to gain the support of other locals to stenghten their position and benefit from a mutual co-operation. A select few answered the call and a strong triumvirate was set in place in the very heart of the system.

Feeling confident and firmly set in place, the empire started expanding in the region, cautiously at first, but as little to no resistance was encountered from the infidels around them, the hungrier the empire grew. The larger the targets became and the more force was needed, the more ambitious the efforts became.

Suddenly the bubble on tranquility burst. On a nice quiet day in the system when The Empire was calmly minding it's own business, trying to maintain order in the system and put infidels out of their misery, a barrage of hostilities was released upon The Empire. Nearly every tribe bordering The Empire, one with a stranger name than the other, from Grepo Addicts, to War Dogs, to Barbarians, started a rebellion against the dominant force in the system.

There was mass confusion in the ranks of The Empire, some new recruits had never seen such vast, determined and ruthless hordes of rebels storming their towns. Targeting mostly farlying outposts and weaker encampments many rebel attacks were wildly successful wiping clean entire cities, destroying the armies set out to defend and taking over lands which used to belong to The Empire.

It wasn't just the new and unexperienced hit either, some of the biggest and toughest cities of The Empire were targeted by beasts unseen for a long time. Manticores reaping havoc in the heart of The Empire, tearing down walls and taking valuable possessions ruined the morale and spirit of many.

Luckily The Empire managed to get a hold of the situation when things seemed the bleakest and an empire-wide support effort was made to put a stop to the advance of the rebels by sending help to both those facing the mightiest hordes to those being poked by just some Little Monsters.

An extensive research was set in motion to find out the origin of the most terrifying monsters out there, looking under every rock and searching in every book for an answer how such monsters could be about without any logical explanation in sight.

The efforts paid off, with the help of its allies and a strong effort from within they managed to catch up on things. Tough changes had to be made, the weak and the useless were thrown to the wolves and armies were reorganized and reprioritized to meet the situation. A cunning plan was devised to take down the rebels, assignments and specific directions were given to everyone and the mightiest of the weapons The Empire had to use was sent right into the heart of battle.

The result being an overwhelming payback to the rebels for all the suffering faced in the past. The manticore lair was overtaken and burnt to the ground and an empire-wide movement was set in motion to anhiliate any rebel activity in the heart of The Empire. Though not all the rebel forces were targeted, one of the mightiest of them came crashing down and saw the light at the end of the tunnel, thus realising The Empire is the only force to stand behind.

The mightiest of the rebel tribes have yet to face the armies of The Empire in a fullscale battle, but a day draws closer and closer when the real clash between those fearsome armies takes place. No-one knows yet what the consequences will be but one thing is for certain, The Empire and The Rebellion cannot co-exist side-by-side, thus one will fall and the other will prosper.

Thank You for reading through this epic!


Awesome, laughing my backside off! Think I better train my harpies to hit madpugs' obligatory weak spot...

the weak and the useless were thrown to the wolves

So that's where Dire Wolves get their recruits! :p


Well, your +rep was, most likely. I think I outrank you in the compliment category quite a bit :cool:


seriously? And where the hell is Princess Leia and Hans Solo? :-D


God those death unit guys are chickens seriously? leaving the coalition and entering a NAP with BE-.-


hmm death unit a chicken? well I bet that chicken can make you war dogs to doggie slaves.


hmm death unit a chicken? well I bet that chicken can make you war dogs to doggie slaves.

Oh please we would wanna see you try

Edit:-and seriously if you'll think you are such a strong alliance why chicken out of the war :rolleyes:
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Lol part of me thinks that Chalna did this one :p


No creativity in minus rep these days :(

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