The end is near.....


It started with a mighty bang,
all players at the starting gates.
Players in premade alliances,
They would play alongside their mates.

The Tiny Teddies grew so fast,
many alliances they had made.
Chewing up every enemy,
many cities they would raid.

Then Musketeers reared their ugly head
for they would bring the teddies down.
Little did anyone know,
that the cheese would let his alliance drown.

Standing there with to many alliances,
the Musketeers enemies did fold.
So they turned on their own allies
'We dont need you anymore' they were told.

Who Are These Guys, The Death Crusaders,
The Valkyries all former friends.
Musketeers and their new allies did pounce,
for these players, being attacked just never ends.

Grimm Sleepers said 'We will be there',
'right to the end of the game.'
Then their leaders quit and morale plummeted,
they ended up being quite lame.

PEAK did that, then disbanded and reformed,
and now its doing it again.
They dont grasp what their players want,
so now their alliance is in pain.

Noctis Venators now have a fair chance,
to build a Wonder or two.
Unless their top players leave
in this world, thats nothing new.

So now comes the time when players are leaving,
they dont even bother to say goodbye.
Each time I log in and look who's gone,
I wonder why should I still try.

To build those Wonders and get a crown,
For me, I think that is worth staying.
But now there is only three months left,
I wonder how many will still be playing?


Only those left behind chewing on former alliance members cities were hurt in the writing of this poem....
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wonderful Poem again.

Unhappily I can't rep you anymore :(


I definitely will say goodbye when I will be leaving, Basil ;)