Pnp The Glue Factory is open


The War with the horses has begun.

Glue Factory 2 Ponies 0

I would like to guarantee a shut out, but there are many of them and only one of me. I can guarantee that when the counter attacking starts you will be able to walk from one island to the next on floatsam from crushed pony ships and dead soldiers. They have sent spies and small attacks for weeks. People want to spy and send small attacks and try to hide between their 160 person alliance. I am sick of it and now they will lose another war.

All of you who I have previously aided or previously worked with are safe. There is a select few people who have to go. I have a list. People who attack me or support against me will be added to it. You can decide whether or not you want to pursue this fight. Don't let someone talk you in to it. Best wishes to my many friends in the alliance. The rest of you, I am coming.

May the Gods have mercy on your souls.
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