The Great Lack of Foresight of LOL leadership and members

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As the era of WW approaches, the multiple alliance structure of LoL will no doubt struggle to explain to the majority of its members that they have simply been used by the Leaders of LoL to secure their core alliance's victory, and that they will be forgotten and cast out as losers in the final equation.

I foresee and look forward to the chaos following this realisation, and fully expect the individual alliances of LoL to fight for the right to be victorious, as only one alliance can be victorious.

Just remember that by flying the LoL banner, you are simply agreeing that their core alliance can build thier wonder and you are agreeing to be cast out as losers in Grepo history for the benefit of its leadership.

I feel sorry to you all you proxy colonies of LoL, no matter how big you are, its just makes you look even more weak that you would ALL lie down to be trampled on by the LoL insiders.

I would rather die with honour, than be used like a cheap whore to secure another allaince's victory, shame on you.

Picking on much smaller and younger alliances is the fruit of LoL on which many feast, even former members of the good fight capitulated and turned thier arms on thier former allies, Curse you treacherous dogs. Glory to the Righteous and Honourable, death to the weak and those with no moral fibre.

Long live the HORDE