The Hall Of The Fallen


Post Alliances and players who ghosted/quit/got rimmed/lost ....

List of the Significant alliances who fell in dignity or in shame ...

List of Significant players who fell in dignity or in shame ...


I wonder how no one signed up here yet...

kyleli (Wolf Pack) ... fell in shame after conspiring against Bedtime Squad with its founder.... advice: always start with "what's your IGN?" question ;)
Wolf Pack (alliance) ... fell in dignity after Bedtime Squad took their cities

I kept the best for the end.
Vormav (Rim rats) ...fell in dignity because he built a 11K city only to ghost after the first incoming attack (not CS) what he probably ever had.


Wolf Pack didn't fall in dignity. They dissolved coz they couldn't hack it. Then left poor sods like myself flapping out in the wind wondering where the hell their alliance went.


Gather crew for op. Tick.
Go to sleep. Tick
Wake up and go to bash out op details. Tick
Error 404 Alliance not found.

Like come on man. It went from determined to make some people pay to 8 hours later there being no damn alliance. There's no dignity in that.