Newspaper The Hermes Journal #1


The Hermes Journal

April 16, 2012

Bi-weekly News Issue #1

Summary: Good evening fellow GrepoHeads, I'm starting a newspaper in order to bring you, the reader, news about current events that take place in the lovely world of Juktas. In this issue I will just introduce myself. But don't worry issues to come will be much better, this was made on short notice. Enjoy! :)

A few details about myself!

Hi, I'm FarFromFallen. And I have nothing better to do then this stupid newspaper... I'm just kidding i actually love journalism and I'm the active editor of my schools paper, and video annoucements. Every second of down time i get i play Grepolis on my school issued iPad 2 (believe it or not my school is actually that stupid) on either this world or Pi. I have an odd sense of humor, but i'm a nice guy...if not a bit of a nerd. My hobbies are: Grepolis (DUH!), weightlifting, football, video games. Okay, now that you know me. Feel free to ask questions and i will answer them in the next issue, as well as give any ideas for future segments.

Like i said before this is probably going to be the worst issue, and i know you guys really don't care about my personal info, but let me just say the next issues will be much more Grepolis oriented. I enjoy all constructive feed back! Thank you!



Hey, thanks for taking over the newspaper bizz while I'm out! School has been giving me too heavy a load lately. XP