The Jasmine Academy


The Jasmine Academy is now recruiting all over. Yes, you heard me right all over the world. Join us here and train to join The Jasmine Union. We help out everyone no matter how far away they are. You can count on some type of help to reach you. Heres some facts about the Jasmine Union for you.

1) We are ranked 14 in the world.
2) We are rank 3 on Ocean 33.
3) We are rank 2 on Ocean 32.
4) We are rank 4 on Ocean 42.
5) We are rank 4 on Ocean 43.
6) We are a fun filled alliance who always help each other out.

If you are under 3000 points message me, spacema43.
If you are above 3000 points message perseus888, Tribal424046, or Zemelci.