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The Juktas Jewel

Welcome all who look at the forum. This is the first issue of The Juktas Jewel.

Alliance Rankings:
1.Angels of Hades
2.Zombies of Hades
3.Elite Returners
7.- WRATH -
8.Ghosts of Hades
10.De Immortals
12.Rise of the Dragon

The News Articles Section

Angels can be deadly?

The alliance Angels of Hades has become three powerful brother alliances. Will this new change make them invincible? Will they be regarded as nooby to players and be boycotted?

find out next edition

Elite Returners, returned to 3rd place

Elite Returners, after being in first place for nearly an entire week, has dropped out of first place. Will they become forgotten?

find out next edition

Enter the beating chamber

The alliance Enter the Dragon has surged to the top of the BP charts with more than 1000 pts. Are they overextended? Will there be hell to pay when other alliances get there revenge?

find out next edition

Interview Section

Interview with Krompirusa, by veaterking

Now, In your opinion how is Juktas turning out as a world?

This Is a cool world ;)

Now, How would you react if someone insulted your alliance?
EX: called you an M.r.a

War what else ;)

So You are the founder of the highest ranking alliance in Juktas how did this come to be?

Thats Easy I was the first player that has join this world and i had an idea to make the most powerfull alliance and that was my chance and i did it!

Now what alliance do you see as a future adversary or threat?

Future Adversary:Angels of Hades
threat:The Legacy

Interview with juliosathia, by veaterking

You are currently number 1 in the newest grepolis world How did you get up there?

By being online a lot, I use gold and farming

Okay, now as a follow up question, how much gold do you use in say a week?

12,000 gold

Wow, so how would you react if someone say called you a point hog?

i don't care what people call me, i like to be the best

Good to hear, now in your opinion how is this new world turning out?

too slow. i like the fast game like the world DELPHI. i used to be the number one, but i left because of my work. but it is good to be back.

Okay now after BP ends what do you plan to do? (attack Scheme)

for me, it is already ended and i am building a huge army for my conquest. i will be ready in 3 days :))

Shiny Awards

Alliance of the week

The alliance of the week is -Wrath- for growing so quickly and making such a powerful alliance.

here's your award.

Bad Alliance of the week

the bad alliance of the week is

I AM A LOSER- ranked 478th.

No award, but you don't lose at everything now eh?

The Player of the week

The player of the week is juliosathia, for being so far ahead of everyone else.

here's your award

Bad player of the week

The Bad player of the week is mounty121 for letting himself get placed in the Elite Returners Academy with such a good point total.


Advertisements: Open

if you wish to have an advertisement in the paper, contact Sparta1234567891011 in Juktas

That's all for this issue.


Good paper, it'd woulda been nice if there was more response from the interviewers. But good job and keep it up.


I don't recogonisea any of the players in the interviews. Could just be me not knowing players these days, But interviews with well know people are often great. An example of what i am talking about is Alot of very well known names there and at the time it was a great paper. Finding charasmatic and influential people to interview is always a great thing for a newspaper. Also the lay out could be done better. I found there was to much large font sections at the end. Made it irritaiting to read at the end. try to find a nice balance of it all.
Once conquesting starts aim to have a stat breakdown section where you analise any official wars and the progress of them and make some predictions of your own based on expansion growth/direction. always good to have one debatable topic in the paper.

Any way, thats just my 2 cents about it all and i look forward to seeing more of these posted :)
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juliosathia is the first place player in the world and Krompirusa is the founder of The Elite Returners which used to be the first place alliance. Both reasonably well known

Australian Army

not as well known as daizan and the Mighty MetalCore lol...


well, bit egotistical of me to post that as an example but it is a great example of a paper to get idea's from as well. But the points still stand. i have seen a couple of players in this world that (if they are active of course) would love to see an interview from. I like beefy interviews to read as well :p.


Anyone else noticed that the jewel it's self appears to be a sapphire .... :):):)



Yeah yeah yeah... jealousy gets you everywhere. Go eat your cork bob hat then feed yourself to them croc's downunder.



Now, How would you react if someone insulted your alliance?
EX: called you an M.r.a

War what else
Lmao. So you are at war with everyone then??

Australian Army

Yeah yeah yeah... jealousy gets you everywhere. Go eat your cork bob hat then feed yourself to them croc's downunder.

I would but there is no cork hats in Australia, its just a stereotype


So when is the next issue coming out? Is it biweekly? It was entertaining.


I have noticed Sparta is not very committed to worlds once he starts.

So to answer your question Omega Strife, I would say yes.

Omega Strife

So who's up to it? I'll give it a shot unless someone else wants to.