Newspaper The Juktas Post: Issue -1 and Staff Hiring

Omega Strife

Hello everybody! If you've kept on top of Juktas going ons, you'll know that I've taken up the newspaper in the absence of Sparta1234567891011. In order to protect the name and integrity of The Juktas Jewel, this new paper will be...

The Juktas Post
"We deal in two things only: Cold Hard Facts and Biased Opinions"

Thank you! Thank you! You're all too kind! Today's issue(-1) will be releasing the interviews Kayfon collected for the second issue of The Juktas Jewel as well as looking for new possible interviewers and other such staff.

First things first, Issue -1!

Remember, these are older interviews that I'm posting and not current.


Kayfon and Distruct
Kayfon talks to Distruct, leader of the Hades Trifecta which ruled the Juktas world before its mysterious collapse earlier this week.

Kayfon: Would you mind if I ask you some questions for the The Juktas Jewel about your alliance(s)

Distruct: I would be happy to do that :)

What do you think of the world so far?

My sister managed to break my PC yesterday, so the one I use is very slow, sorry for late response.
- So far everything's good.
I feel that I'm controlling a great alliance, will be exciting to see how the aliance(s) developes.
Also it will be very interesting too se how the other alliances develop.

What do you think when people call you an MRA, what's your response?

I think that people don't understand the meaning behind "MRA".
- We're kicking inactives everyday.
- We're not just inviting players, we send them a PM first.
- We're a premade.
- And we are a bunch of experienced players leading the "group".

Are you concerned about people pouching your players or spies that you might recruit in?

Of course I know that we might get some "false" people in, but it's not something I'm worried about now.
- Betraders will pay the prize.

When wars start up, how do you plan to coordinate 3 alliances in attacks?

We share all forums, so we will coordinate attacks like a normal alliance.
The leaders use skype so we can coordinate quicker & make descissions.

Lastly, who do you think are the most threat to you?

No doubt: Enter The Dragon

The Hades Trifecta may be gone, but here's to Distruct for holding it together as long as he did. Hope you stick around Juktas! ~ Omega

Kayfon and HurtU
Kayfon discusses MRAs and pacts with HurtU, sole founder of the DOwners.

Kayfon: What are your future plans for your alliance?

HurtU: Same as all alliances I would think

To dominate their ocean, forge solid bonds with other alliances made up of honest active and most importantly aggressive players in them which i what i believe we here at DOwners have and then hopefully dominate the server

Make sure we get rid of all MRA's lol

You hate MRA's, so are you going to target them for war first or are you going to eliminate the harder competition first?

The first and biggest MRA was elite returners and as soon as they were hit they fell apart and joined there academy THRACE who then formed their own academy lol

So as far as targeting them I don't think we need bullsye's placed on them as I think the good players from their alliance will realize that alliance not for them and jump ship as soon as heavy attacking starts in the following weeks

As far as targets go any player in 55 is a target if their not in or allied to DOwners. Currently we don't see any alliance that concerns us or our allies in 55

Are you considering pacts with other elite alliances such as Ooo The Banksters ooO or Enter The Dragon?

We don't disclose our official allies/adversaries

However myself personally along with many from my alliance respect both alliances and what they stand for and would be honored to work with them as well as call them allies, that is if we're not soon so already :D

Lastly, who is your biggest threat as of now?
Without sounding arrogant

We can honestly say we do not see any threat for us in this ocean

We can see some good fights as we grow and look to expand elsewhere but it won't be long before the alliances ranked under us in the ocean are either consumed into us or by us and our allies

We have offered players we thought to be good a spot in our alliance and those who did not take it are generously building nice cities for us which I wanna thank them for ahead of time

You heard the man. If you refused on offer to join the DOwners, prepare yourself for a fight. ~ Omega

Kayfon and Sasa Radovic
Kayfon meets with Sasa, leader of the illustrious Enter The Dragon alliance.

Kayfon: Hi Sasa, I'm a reporter for The Juktas Jewel. I would like to ask you some questions about you and your alliance. Would you mind answer some questions?

Sasa Radovic: depend on questions ;)

How do you think this world is shaping up so far?

Well i'm not sure,maybe still early to say...There is few potential good alliances,but i think there will be many changes and many new alliances in near future.Dont expect to stay like this...

As the leader of an alliance with the highest abp, what do you think about the target that puts on your back?

hm not sure if i understand this question,are you mean would they fight back?

yea, like ganking up on you

Better way to word it:
As the leader of an alliance with the highest abp, do you get threats from other alliances?

Well dont know what to think i hope they will accept fight and make this slow world little interesting.Hope will fight back but some spy reports telling me about early turtles...but this is to early to say....

How did you get to become such an elite aggressive alliance?

Well kayfon trough few servers i have played with few difernt names(not at the same time) i had luck to play with some great players and ofcourse learned from them not just to fight but how to make something like this....

Lastly, Who do you find as your biggest threat in this world?

Ask me that again in a month.....

As the second most prominent alliance currently, just behind The Banksters, I only expect good things from ETD. ~ Omega

Omega's Corner
Today's Topic: MRAs
Omega S. here today to talk about everyone's least favorite aspect of the early game, MRAs.
Now, for those new to the lingo, MRA stands for Mass Recruiting Alliance, which generally means any alliance that invites players at an intense rate with out testing for activity or skill. Now while any player with an ounce of experience can spot an MRA from a mile away, but we all have different ideas as to what exactly makes an alliance an MRA. Is it their size? Alliance average? ABP? Leadership? A combination of the four or perhaps just bits and pieces? And what about alliances that already have academies to their names? And does being an MRA immediately brand you with noob status? So I plan on answering some of these questions here.

The way I see it, there is only one defining aspect of an MRA; a large player base. One that occasionally stretches past the max alliance count and creates multiple "Sister" alliances to compensate the overflow. Now this is considered a negative by Grepolis veterans, but why? Is it because of the poor leadership that usually finds itself at the head of these massive beasts or the fact that most of the alliance's mass is formed by new players? Either way, the average MRA is poor on the battlefield since the massive size makes coordination and strategy next to useless. But let's look at MRAs in a different light for a moment. We all know that MRAs attract rookie players like moths to a flame, and so are usually plagued with inactives before the end of the first as these rookies decide Grepo isn't to their liking. But for those who do stay with the game, the MRA they find themselves will probably be their first experience with an alliance. So not only are MRAs bp cows to be milked once beginner protection goes down, they're also breeding grounds for potential players. Of course, they really don't get the proper education in an MRA except for the lucky ones when an experienced player wanders in by accident, and decides to actually do some teaching instead of waiting for an invite to a better alliance. So the next time one of you well to do Grepo veterans with 7 worlds of experience as the number 1 player gets invited to the most obvious MRA on the world, give it a go for a few days and see if you can't teach a few young'uns how to be an excellent player such as yourself. You might be surprised at how far some of them end up going.

But what about the mythical good MRAs? Well I think the best example of that right now has been the Hades Trifecta. While they did recruit such a large number of players they needed three alliances, HT also made sure to cut down their inactive population and teach those who were new to the game. And while we didn't get to see much strategy on their part with their recent disappearance, I'm sure it would have been a little more successful then they're given credit for. So cheers to them.

And that's my not so brief blurb on MRAs. Hope you liked it. I'll try to be a little bit better and more entertaining as time goes on.

~Omega Strife

And that's issue -1 of The Juktas Post! Don't worry, you'll be getting quite a bit more in issues to come!

Let's here what you want to see and what you didn't like about the above.

Staff hiring coming soon!
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Omega Strife

So we have a few positions that need filling in so we can really get going in the next few days. These are the positions that I still need:

In-game interviewer - the usual interviewer, talking to some of the well known and better players.

Up and coming alliance interviewer - Works with the founders and leaders of alliances currently ranked 13 through 20.

Battle Informant - Gets up to date information on current battles.

Alliance tracker - This one is a little different. You'll be assigned a certain number of the top alliances(1-#) and have to keep track their rising and fallings in ranks.

I'll be in charge of everything that doesn't have someone working on it, but I hope someone will step up.

If you're interested in one of these positions, post in this thread. I'll talk to you in-game about it.

A full list of the staff will pop up later down the line.
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Australian Army

The font is way to big. Stay normal sized for the majority of the writing, Only use larger sizes for headlines etc. I also prefer bold in newspapers-like owen66's and Sajjikills because it looks more formal and thats what newspapers are.

Omega Strife

Everything but the headlines up there is in standard forum font size, but I can shrink it down a tad bit.


I'm just a simple caveman. I fell on some ice and later got thawed out by some of your scientists. Your alternative view on MRAs frightens and confuses me! My primitive mind can't grasp these concepts.

Omega Strife

At this point, I'm just glad someone took the time to read that text wall of death. :p

Australian Army

Everything but the headlines up there is in standard forum font size, but I can shrink it down a tad bit.
I was reffering to the interviews, maybe use one big headline like this
Interview with .........

Omega Strife

Oh, sorry about that!

Like so?
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Nice newspaper... I left this world, but I'll definitely come back to this thread to check out how everything's rolling. Way to go :)


Are we going to have another edition? These forums are pretty dead without one...

Omega Strife

Yeah, I've noticed that too. Don't worry, the next one will be out soon.


I'm just a simple caveman. I fell on some ice and later got thawed out by some of your scientists. Your alternative view on MRAs frightens and confuses me! My primitive mind can't grasp these concepts.
Nice SNL reference...belly laughs!


Thank you guys, I enjoyed reading this.

Looking forward to the new issues!
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