Newspaper The Juktas Post: Issue 1


I must apologize for the tardiness of this issue. I am a lazy, lazy man. Anyway, welcome back, everybody!

Today you are presented with the first official issue of...

The Juktas Post
We deal in two things only: Cold Hard Facts and Biased Opinions


Top 15 Players (Points)

1. juliosatha
2. Washington69
3. Grand Koal
4. ctremblay
5. URMAN71
6. fn99
7. HurtU
8. Leaok
9. prowl65
10. lordjoy
11. sounds
12. Kentman
13. mirre00
14. gerjanweijers
15. Makedonas

Top 15 Players (ABP)

1. juliosatha - 2040
2. ctremblay - 1899
3. Kentman - 1776
4. Grand Koal - 1586
5. Pirana1982 - 1490
6. pendered - 1314
7. Acha the terrible - 1284
8. lordmountsir - 1247
9. spartans19 - 1202
10. Kaylias - 1148
11. Bolyar - 1125
12. gangan - 1112
13. Pacius - 1092
14. Washington69 - 1067
15. HurtU - 994

Top 12 Alliance (Points)

1. Ooo The Banksters ooO
2. ooO Banksters REBORN Ooo
3. Rise of the Dragon
4. DOwners
5. - WRATH -
6. Reavers
7. Mega-Lo-Mania
8. Dragon Force Alliance
9. Black Sun
10. Exodus

Top 12 Alliances (ABP)

1. Ooo The Banksters ooO - 15465
2. Enter The Dragon - 12119
3. Rise of the Dragon - 10109
4. DOwners - 8935
5. Ooo Banksters Army ooO - 5562
6. ooO Banksters REBORN Ooo - 5426
7. Reavers - 4871
8. Forgotten Ghosts - 4701
9. - WRATH - -4518
10. Dragon Force Alliance - 3785
11. Black Sun - 3314
12. Pandoras Box - 2949



Shortly after posting Issue -1, Biased from the alliance Apolloyon (formerly The Legacy) sent me a message detailing the first conquest attempt of the Juktas server. As well as the first conquest failure. juliosathia attempted to take Biased's city back on the 16, and after a drawn out struggle between Enter The Dragon and The Legacy, Sparta was saved.


Afterwards, Biased left me with this statement.

Biased said:
You also might consider posting this because HurtU lied in his interview. He has a personal "concern" of myself and my alliance The Legacy. I regularly attack him and clear him when I see the need.

These players have already out lasted ETD, which is in a state of collapse at the moment, but will they continue to the top? Only time will tell.

Omega and Biased

I spoke with Biased about his alliance, Apolloyon (formerly The Legacy), and the changing tides of Juktas.

Omega: Hello, Biased! It's Omega from the Juktas Post here requesting an interview from you and The Legacy. Would you mind answering some questions?

Biased: I'd be happy to. Shoot away

Haha, here we go! First off, your alliance, The Legacy, has been making its way up the rankings. Do you expect to reach the top 12 soon?

I'm sure we will advance in the rankings as the server progresses. Many alliances are dropping like flies.

Is there any alliance in particular you and your mates would like to help drop faster?

I would have to say DOwners tops our list. But to be fair, we'd rather just remove their inept leader HurtU than target his members that suffer under his command.

Speaking of the DOwners, we've talked before about the fighting that has gone on between your two alliances. Has that progressed any since then?

Well to clarify who the DOwners are, you first should know that they are sister alliances with Enter The Dragon. For quite awhile now, both alliances have been attempting coordinated CQ attacks on us. Basically each of these ventures failed. To answer your question, yes. The fighting has progressed as all wars do. Although the hatred, rage, and frustration all lie on the opposite side of the fence in this one. Haha.

It's interesting to note that Sasa Radovic, leader of Enter The Dragon, has gone inactive some 4 days ago amidst these epic failures. Also, Some of his key members are beginning to "jump ship", and soon I feel the same will begin to occur in the DOwners.

It all makes me smile to think a small, insignificant alliance of some 20 people were capable of holding back the might of two ocean leading alliances and slow their progression severely. That in itself is worth it.

Sasa inactive? Certainly news to me!

Now these players that are abandoning ETD, does Legacy have any interest in offering them a home, or are enemies off limits for invites?

Now that just not something you put in a newspaper now is it, lol. The Legacy isn't some childish alliance that will bear grudges and take this game that personal. Were here to have a fun time, play our hand that was dealt, and make good friendships along the way.

I personally only bear grudges with players that take the time to send me personal hate mail and tell me how they will stick random objects in my rectum (juliosathia). Haha!

Now, looking at the map, The Legacy is dispersed by and in places surrounded by ETD and the DOwners. Does this in anyway worry you?

Nope, we've been outmatched, surrounded, and harassed from day one. Were used to it.

Good to hear!

I'm going to have to wrap this up, so is there anything you want to say to our readers before we end this interview?

Sure, as the great Winston Churchill once said, "Never give up."

Thank you for your time, Biased. See you on the battlefield.

Sure thanks for your time, Im looking forward to the next issue!

I hope to hear more from these guys in the future!

wocoup and Froghunter

wocoup approached me with a brilliant interview concept; interview powerful players who don't have alliances yet and get them attention throughout Juktas. Now, I've realized this idea works much better if the interviews are posted before the interviewed player has a chance to join an alliance. Sorry guys, I'll work faster next time. XP

wocoup: Hey would you be interested in an interview for the paper on the grepolis forum?


2012-03-19 wocoup 416. 1,594 1 69 69 0
2012-03-18 wocoup 387. 1,518 1 24 24 0
2012-03-16 wocoup 1044. 962 1 0 0 0
2012-03-15 wocoup 1720. 771 1 0 0 0
2012-03-14 wocoup 2198. 655 1 0 0 0
2012-03-13 wocoup 2544. 555 1 0 0 0
2012-03-12 wocoup 4505. 347 1 0 0 0

Interview for what? Did a quick check on your stats and it's not like I'm doing anything better than you. In fact, you look to be moving a little faster than me.

The idea for the newspaper was to have interviews with "top recruits" people without alliances at this point

I'll make it simple. I hate alliance drama and try to stay away from them during the first 2-3 weeks of a server. Too much shuffling, whining, and complaining. I'm not threatened over here and prefer for things to stabilize in an ocean before I "apply" to join an alliance that I think fits my style. I don't accept invites unless it's an alliance that I was already interested in.

Besides, the first part of recruiting is just a bunch of MRA alliances trying to get numbers. Most of the players in them are fairly inactive and worthless to alliance progression. The few active members wind up draining all their resources just to defend everyone else. I'd rather be in a small efficient alliance with mostly active players than a large one with a bunch of inactive part time farmers.


So what can an alliance do to make you interested after the first few weeks of a server? High ABP and member average total?

Combination of statistics I look at.

ABP...Not wanting to join an alliance that builds a bunch of Bir's and racks up a bunch of DBP's. An alliance needs to be aggressive to survive. But there has to be a delicate balance as you can't win with an offense alone.

Members...I like to see steady growth and really hate the MRA's. Basically folks recruiting out to everyone just because they saw them go up 10 points that day. Found most of those alliances to be ineffective.

If you're a serious alliance, you're not just going to invite me blindly. There should be an interview stage to see who I am, my experience level, and what I'm willing to do for the alliance. Of course I could lie my on during the interview, but that's in real life as well. They should only accept me I fit in their alliance's program. Yes, all alliances are different in style of play.

Avg player total is a key figure. Usually means they are comprised of a lot more serious players if the number is higher. The lower average alliances are more than likely to have a ton of dead weight in them. You then are forced to decide which ones are worth saving and which not.

Blunt and to the point, Mr. Froghunter is with the alliance GREEK FIRE now. Again, I'll try to get these Recruit Interviews out a little faster next time.

Omega's Corner
Today's Topic: Pre Conquest Warfare

As much as I'm sure we all want me to write another big text block of death, I've decided to use my editorial section today for a question. What are your thoughts on "wars" before conquest has been researched?

Aaaaaand that's all, folks! I'll try to get these out quicker! I promise! Please don't go!

Later, guys. :p


Arg just missed the top 15 ABP(rank 21). Not to shabby for a non core ocean haha(O67). I don't know about wars, but attacking players in another alliance before conquest is beneficial. You usually get the resources from them everyday after you clear them(a fair percentage give up after 2 or 3 clearings). Also when you think of each BP as 160 resources there is another bonus to fighting pre conquest.


I look at attacking before conquest is researched as a double edged sword. Against competent players, this tactic can lull the attacker into a false sense of superiority, and is often more detrimental than helpful - here's why.

Firstly, it gives your opponent valuable intel about you. Foremost, online patterns. If I can figure out a players patterns early, I can use those against him later in planning my eventual conquest against him when he is most vulnerable, aka, offline. Secondly, in a round about way, it gives the defending player a chance to detrimentally affect your development. While the attacking player is funneling resources into offensive units, you can spend your resources on actual construction and academy blitzing. Also, with effective use of militia, and troop and resource dodging, you effectively deprive the enemy of any real gains, while he continues to feed you BP.

Sure, if your opponent can catch you offline, he might make off with some resources, but early game, without being able to attack with 100 horsemen at a time, these gains are minimal and hardly justify the resource expenditure invested. Simply put, the return on investment is a net negative.

However, against a non-experienced or competent player, going aggressive early often nets easy results as it often provokes the defending player into building defensive units, which only fuel your ultimate intent of gaining BP.

I would love to post some reports from some of the early attacks my members have been receiving to demonstrate why I encourage all my members to only attack early when they are sure about the outcomes, and never against a player who utilizes their militia effectively and dodges effectively.

Bottom line - I'd say that the true answer to this question depends greatly on the circumstances and who is being targeted by this early offense predicated on that tactic producing the desired results.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson said: "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."


NIce response, and i agree. It also depends on your style of play. Some players might want to farm their island and surrounding islands before moving onto Conquest, as this gives them an early BP buffer which is useful later on. If i start on the rim, i generally do this, as there is no rush for conquest.
+rep everyone :D

Btw, what happened to frenchplayer?? Not bragging about his point whoring now is he :p


NIce response, and i agree. It also depends on your style of play. Some players might want to farm their island and surrounding islands before moving onto Conquest, as this gives them an early BP buffer which is useful later on. If i start on the rim, i generally do this, as there is no rush for conquest.
+rep everyone :D

Btw, what happened to frenchplayer?? Not bragging about his point whoring now is he :p

He's probably busy losing to germanplayer


This is DOwner's response to Biased.


Need I say more?

Wars before conquering. Well our war with Apolloyon/The Legacy before was just an action to keep their troop numbers down. We don't war unless we mean it, and now with Apolloyon we've gotten serious.


Might make those lists more interesting if you listed the ocean they were based in