Newspaper The Juktas Post: Issue 2


Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends!

We have some interesting things for you this issue, including juliosathia's vengeance and ominous news from DeusFurore, as well as a friendly reminder from HurtU! All that and more in this issue of...

The Juktas Post
We deal in two things only: Cold Hard Facts and Biased Opinions​


Top 15 Players (Points)

1. juliosathia
2. Grand Koal
3. Washington 69
4. URMAN71
5. Leaok
6. HurtU
7. Kentman
8. fn99
9. lordjoy
10. Brackus-We
11. ctremblay
12. sounds
13. Hickel
14. prowl65
15. -=Bellephron=-

Top 15 Players (ABP)

1. juliosathia - 4221
2. Kentman - 3723
3. URMAN71 - 3200
4. Washington69 - 2903
5. HurtU - 2866
6. ctremblay - 2784
7. Leaok - 2662
8. Grand Koal - 2601
9. Pirana1982 - 2297
10. spartans19 - 2170
11. fn99 - 2135
12. Balinn - 2021
13. wocoup - 2016 (Woohoo!)
14. lordmountsir - 1891
15. pendered - 1853

Top 12 Alliances (Points)

1. DOwners
2. ooO Banksters REBORN Ooo
3. Ooo The Banksters ooO
4. Rise of the Dragon
5. Reavers
6. Mega-Lo-Mania
7. Dragon Force Alliance
8. Black Sun
9. Exodus
10. Knights of the Round
11. Servi Liberatem
12. Game Kings

Top 12 Alliances (ABP)

1. Ooo The Banksters ooO - 29318
2. DOwners - 19942
3. Rise of the Dragon - 18137
4. ooO Banksters REBORN Ooo - 15542
5. Enter The Dragon - 12205
6. Ooo Banksters Army ooO - 10277
7. - WRATH - - 10111
8. Reavers - 10044
9. Black Sun - 8815
10. The Haze - 7862
11. Forgotten Ghosts - 7642
12. Dragon Force Alliance - 7162



After last issue, HurtU approached me with news; Mr. Biased will no longer be fighting at the head of Apolloyon/The Legacy and that I should send you a bit of news.

HurtU said:
Please let your viewers know that 0-55 belongs to us UP and DOwn...


I received a cryptic message from Deus the other day. He was tight lipped about what he and the Forgotten Ghosts were up to, but I did get a name. O44, be ready for


Athena's Records

Currently in its beta stage is Athena's Records, the newest Grepo aid on the market. Designed by player Saska, it brings hourly updates to all the worlds. Now like most tools of this nature, it keeps track of individual players and alliances in points, abp, dbp, city count, and so on. What it holds above them is a historical record that has all data since AR went up, so multiple updates each day since Juktas was opened for every player and alliance. But the most striking feature of Athena's Records is also what sparked the most controversy; Each player has a an activity chart that represents when they're most likely online in UTC server time.


The site is still in it's beta, but runs smoother then the sites I used to use and it doesn't have any ad clutter, which in itself is a plus.

The only downside is it requires Silverlight to run and so doesn't support mobile, so keep a good computer on hand.

Here's a link to the site itself to check it out:

And to Saska's discussion thread for AR:

All +rep for the amazing new tool should be given to Saska, and all -rep for revealing it to everyone should be given to me! :D


Omega and juliosathia

juliosathia contacted me after the interview with Biased, and he had much to say.

Omega: I must apologize that I'm an hour or two ahead of the scheduled time, and I must also use Grepo mobile, so a new message will be created every time I respond. I hope that isn't too much of an inconvenience.

julio: not really, i just wanted you to know that i conquered Biased. I called his city 04-R.I.P. Biased

Alright, then, first question!

What was your reaction to Biased coming forward with this information?

first of all, i wanted to leave him because he was a small player compare to me and my alliance. we were growing fast and strong. The DOwnwners is a team group and we help each other. He insulted my best friend, HurtU, me and Sasa. He was looking for a big fight and i decided to kill him on the spot after i red the report. He was lucky that on the beginnig of the game, i didn't have enough troops to take his city over. The kid should be watching what he says, his alliance broke down because we were conquering and attacking his people and he didn't help them at all. he was more of a selfish player. HurtU wanted to finish him, but i asked him that i wanted to conquer him, so he is out forever. i will call soon the place Donkey, because i find that Biased was like that.

So do the DOwners have any serious competitors for O55?

Uppers are a serious competitors because they are a very strong alliance and trying to steal our BP points. They are our brothers and sister. We don't have any competitors in our ocean. We are too strong and we have good allies too. We will expand soon in another ocean since we need to fight.

Not 54 I hope! My Dwarves and I need room to grow!

Now my next question must be about Sasa. What caused his sudden disappearance?

I don't know. He was a great leader, but I didn't see him since last week and he never said anything to me.

And was it his sudden inactivity that caused the collapse of Enter The Dragon?

Yes, because we didn't have any leaders that could of take his place. We still keep his city on his memory.

Returning to your current alliance, do the DOwners have a set objective at the moment?

For sure, we want to dominate all the oceans. I can not say more than that because what we plan, it is our secrets. You should talk with Hurtu too, he is our founder and one of the best tactician ever.

And do you, juliosatha, have any personal enemies?

My enemy was biased, since the day I missed to conquer him, I built myself so fast and made a big army to finish him. Now, I have to look for another enemy.

And I'm sure a player of your skill will find one soon. With alliances reaching the top 12 fast and collapsing as quickly, when do you think real competition will arrive in Juktas?

the competition already started, but our alliance did a good job to keep it quite. any alliance that will try to grow, we will flunk them deep in the sea. our plan is to get really strong and grow in our ocean before we move to any other ocean. we will have enemies, but they will come from another ocean.

One final question. You've been top of the leader board for quite a while now. Is there a trick to the trade you'd like to reveal?

when you passed an interview with me and i told you that i use 12000 per week, i was lying. I do use gold, but i use other tricks like farming other players, and keep farming every 5 minutes the villages. i play this game a lot, almost 17 hours per day. i keep it good and i like to attack the enemies. For everybody who think that a player grow fast with gold, it is not true, you need gold to accelerate your building and soldiers, but ressources is the main key. without ressources, you can not build anything. If you ask me how much gold i use, i bought 12000 gold ($80.99) since i start to play and still using it.

Thanks for the tip! Any words for Post readers before we wrap this up?

have fun guys and watch to not be in my area, i like to bother people with my attacks

And that's all of it! Thank you for your time!

no problem.

And that's the King of Juktas, folks!

wocoup and DarthEzi

wocoup caught DarthEzi on his way out the door, who had a few choice words to say about juliosathia.

wocoup: Hey I was wondering if you would be interested in doing an interview on the Juktas Post?

DarthEzi: Mate i am actually leaving the server. That's why i am not in an alliance.

ok. I thought that was probably the case.

Yeah and now and only now does the no talented,coining foul mouthed juliosathia grow a pair and send an attack at me.

What a waste of space he is.

I already told HurtUthat i was giving my city to someone who i had worked closely with and who had earned my respect and trust after he wanted to have it.

Funniest thing is,the city was going to someone in their alliance, shows you what *bleep* hats those two really are.

Feel free to use that in your paper, just add questions to suit the statements. :)

Short, and to the point!

Omega's Corner
Running low on time, so another question, guys: What do you think of the addition of the activity charts in Athena's Records?

Aaaaaaand that's everything for now! I'll get back to you on this as soon as I can! Thanks for reading, bye!


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I am sorry, but I have to say this: These are not news, this is pile of charts and ego-tripping...


I am sorry, but I have to say this: These are not news, this is pile of charts and ego-tripping...

Chill out, he said it's not finished. Also where are the charts? There are lists, but I don't see any yummy pie charts.


Chill out, he said it's not finished. Also where are the charts? There are lists, but I don't see any yummy pie charts.

It was a critic!!! Everything going public should be ready for the critics... It can be done better, it should be done better!

What have I found here so far?!? There are 2 guys and they don't like each other... There is nothing new about that!

@Omega Strife - I hope I didn't insult you with my comment! It's just that I'd like to see/read better stuff...


I promise the last two bits will be up today!

And no prob,Van! All feedback is welcome!

Everything is up and I have a pie chart for you, Deus!

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Wow it looks like the next big thing since victim finder...