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Discussion in 'Nysa Alliances' started by whathell, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. whathell

    whathell Guest

    i have been away from the game for awhile and am just now starting back in Speed 3 world
    i am looking for any old friends from former League of Legions alliances
    or friends of mine from past worlds to join us
    so if you are an old friend of mine or former LoL player contact me about joining us here

  2. rheddflame

    rheddflame Guest

    welcome back whathell
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  3. whathell

    whathell Guest

    thank you
    i am glad they opened this world when they did
    i have been playing a speed 2 world Apollonia
    and i cant take it anymore .... it is just to slow
    i am ready for the fun of a speed 3 world :pro: