Pnp The Life Cycle of the SM/VM Creature


As you all know, the SM/VM can be a snappy creature and are best handled with care to avoid mishaps where they might settle down in your community. Not to worry though, 99% of the time this is a complete accident on their part. But it is best to know what's going on if this does happen to you and your beloved community.

So! For all your educational needs, I will guide you through the natural life cycle of the SM/VM creature.


Phase number 1: The creature hatches from it's rugged shell, crafted by it's predecessors so it can follow exactly the same life cycle as they did.

Phase number 2: The creature then meet's it's companions, all designed and (thoroughly) tested for uselessness by it's predecessors. They decide to leave the nest.

Phase number 3: The creature stops to view the vast expanse that is ocean 35. For it's epic journey awaits it.

Phase number 4: The creature's flock together and increase their numbers. For it is common knowledge that Mass Recruitment is the best way to reach ones destination.

Phase number 5: As the creature approaches it's destination (Ocean 35 border) it marvels at it's own accomplishment, stops for some fast food (internal takeovers) and increases in size.

Phase number 6: The creature requires one more push to reach the sacred destination, but it must make it alone because it's companions all deserted it and they haven't even sent any turtle psychic PM's since day one. Communication is non-existent, so the creature goes solo.

Phase number 7: I don't want to go into specific details here but let's say, some creatures are far more lucky than others. The lucky ones were snatched up by hungry Hashashin early, and the less fortunate met their predecessors on the impenetrable border, fearfully waiting until some ghosts appear. -The ghost's of some of their younger companions of whom they which they unashamedly devour.

This folks, is unfortunately the end of the VM/SM creatures life cycle as we know it. BUT Hashashin scientists secretly discovered a breakthrough technology long ago that goes by the nameth of Conquest. They have started to unleash this technology upon these foul creatures that clog up their borders.

One thing is for certain, the SM/VM creatures life span is significantly decreasing.

ta ta for now,

Unhyped xx


As a self proclaimed champion of alternative strategies, I find this accusing most strongly others of being turtles are often surfing the wave of a successful team rather then charting their own course. They accuse others who face a resource disadvantage, but who must then turn to the structure of the game of defending of being less of a game player.

I challenge this. The game is what it is and turtle is a pejorative term. Look it up.


Hahaha! Bud there is nothing here for you to challenge! I only give you an educational read, do not fill my eyes with tears. :(


its all a part of the game bro, its the way it is. And... Turtle is not really bad if you know how to play.


Funny but kind of mean and gives people the wrong view of turtles
Whoops! What I meant to do was to enlighten people how awesome and enjoyable the turtle technique is to play with and against. I mean what's not to love about cramming every one of your cities with defence?

Also, i didn't even mention the word turtle once, if I recall. and even if i did I wasn't referencing turtles in general it was the sm/vm creature so no wrong ideas given there just plain and obvious truths.

aaaand we all know that when we see the prefix pnp that we're going to get a good, honest, truthful story now don't we ;)


Much enjoyed actually. On prior worlds we explored bio engineering techniques to grow larger shells and as a pack trained well behaved reptiles how to patiently fill entire ecosystems such that no food remained for preditors, who are now sadly endangered, bordering on extinct.

With few rivals in the food chain our family has turned to the arts for entertainment. So we build grand monoliths to celebrate our technology and civilization.


Actually I do bow down to your superior sense of humor.

Keep em coming. I need to learn how to imbed pics.

A confirmed turtle currently on vac mode
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