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Mr. Mu (August)
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Main Headlines

Lords of Anarchy news

LoA Academy disbanded a week or so ago. Their leader, torithedragon, and a few others have moved to The Chosen Elite, while some others went to Phoenix. LoA itself has asked and got peace in a war against The Chosen Elite, in which they got badly beaten. During that time, torithedragon was accused of being a spy for TCE, which was untrue. Because of that LoA Academy disbanded.


Herminator 3 and Magiwazir switched places, as did Puncho96 and Prince Igor. Flooder replaced Astrochar, and Dakraze took the 12th spot. Ocean 43's merge was finished, so they disbanded. Phoenix and 300 Spartans both went up one because of that. ATLANTIS and The Art of War came into the top 12, as did Chosen Elite Apprentices.



1 R. Madrid
2 herminator 3(+1)
3 Magiwazir(-1)
4 Prince Igor(+1)
5 Puncho96(-1)
6 Juxta Crucem
7 Gillet
8 the-balrog
9 mictam
10 balexandra
11 Flooder(+1)
12 Dakraze(NEW!)


1 Noxious Rising
2 Cerberus
3 Greek Warfare
4 The Chosen Elite
5 Lords of Anarchy
7 The Goon Squad
8 Phoenix(+1)
9 300 SPARTANS(+1)
11 The Art of War(NEW!)
12 Chosen Elite Apprentices(NEW!)

Sorry that I can't keep up every week, but here's another one!​


Thank you! I am not a spy dammit! You guys are totally ridicolous! I know better. Sheesh... Besides I am the one who helped with the peace

Once again,
Thank you Shark!

GW and LOA are going to war it seems. All LOA has done is conquer some inactives cities..
5inactive cities taken (Wow... good job on taking sheep LOA!)
all cities taken from
(NOTE: 2 cities are taken after Elenin got booted out)

And GW has 5 conquers (ALL ACTIVE PLAYERS!)
Cities taken from

(Please note these are not all full username names)

Well.. Hope that was a delicious tidbit for you!
Just helpin' out!

BTW: You can find these stats on our very own grepostats!

Cheers 2 All! :D
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I PROTEST!... GW and LOA are not going to war nitwit we are mearly trading cities to the benefit of both sides. Also thank you GW for kicking Elenin, you thwarted Loa's attempts to ruin your statistics by conquering inactives :D

in a war against The Chosen Elite, in which they got badly beaten.
Or maybe we have reached a secret goal that TCE hasn't realized yet :eek:


woohoo I am on the board!! do a I get a special room now where I have slaves bring me ale!


Spock, you haven't fought against TCE, you have no say in this.

Yes, LOA was badly beaten.. Truthfully


Spock, you haven't fought against TCE, you have no say in this.
Nope no say at all... im not a founder or anything :D

Yes LOA was beat, due to people jumping over board like an Italian captain


What ever Tori

How come GW nearly have 2 WW islands isnt in the paper ;). They seem to be preparing for World Wonders very early


We have a WW island as well...
you should be thinking about that to seeing how you are a founder of a great alliance


TCE has yet to gain control of an entire island (give or take a city) :rolleyes:


You don't need to control all of the spots on the island, but only your alliance can be on that island. So... Yeah...
Well that's at least how I understood it

Juxta Crucem

You do need to control ALL the spots on an island! I can also tell you that they are a complete waste of time and resources...
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Mr. Mu (August)
No, you don't, Juxta. But if there is a spot an enemy alliance can just colonize there and all progress for that level will be destroyed.

Corinthian II

What leads you to say that?
It's possible to start a WW on any island as long as all cities on that island are controlled by your alliance.

If, however, there are empty spots.. well, an enemy alliance can simply colonize a new city there, thus creating a new city on the island that isn't controlled by your alliance, and destroying progress on the current level of the island until it is conquered.

Basically, you don't have to control every spot on an island to plan for a WW, but it's foolish not to.