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We took into account every factor you listed here and are not going to burn half our members, the finer details of the conditions are not yours to know. Now were we ahead yes, Would we of been able to guarantee 7/7 that we have been promising our members since the start, with the amount of "single" alliances building based on mails and information from little birdies more then likely no, could we of gotten 4/7, yes, but our goal this whole server has been a crown not just the win. Then to add salt on the wound kind of funny that neither parties involved in our merge has changed our tune since the start of the world while other parties in the world that deem others "unworthy" or "shameless" while they play their own back door deals throughout the whole server. We (EXT and Tinad) both have been straight with every alliance we have had the pleasure of talking to this server. We told you straight forward what we were and were not going to do, The only other group in this server I can honestly say that has done the same has been The Resurrected to my knowledge, no other alliance here has not gone back on their word at some point this server.

This amounts down to basically religious disputes as they are almost equivalent one party disagrees with what another party believes is right and vice versa. People are entitled to their own opinions with that being said you can call it a horses *** for all I care unless you are brand new to the game, this same play, most of the players on this server at least the veterans I know, have in one form or shape done a merge to win a server. So again Pot meet Kettle.


"We took into account every factor you listed here and are not going to burn half our members,"

Snort snigger guffaw paroxyms of laughter.

"the finer details of the conditions are not yours to know"

I did not steal them they were thrust upon me The krakens were indeed a figment of my mischevious imagination designed to reawaken the FORUM .. BS monitor on high alert and hands held up = MEA CULPA .

I have never spied on anyone - but knowing so many desperados have ( dont worry Boys I know it is not against the rules or *cough* cheating) I find it amusing that it will be so readily believed by those who practise this art.

Being a sounding post for discontent mainly due to my ineviable high profile in forum I get a lot of the skinny without even asking . Especially since my stance on so many issues is absolutely clear.

"based on mails and information from little birdies more then likely no,"

How can you doubt that the methods you use would rebound on you. Two way snitching is not uncommon.

""unworthy" or "shameless"

Your words not mine. My choice of word was UNWISE and I stick to that..

"this same play, most of the players on this server at least the veterans I know, have in one form or shape done a merge to win a server. So again Pot meet Kettle."

Just for the record - no RIMLORD world has ever been obtained on the back of a mega-merge and it never will..

We have lost this world - we were always going to starting so late - we can live with that.
But neither I or RIMLORDS have lost anything in this world that matters to us.. TO US..

I finish with my quote which is as true now as it always has been.

Anyone can Lord it over other players .. It takes more to be a RIMLORD.



WG, I understand how you feel and agree with many of your points.

I pine for the old days too. Where activity ruled and gold was a crazy afterthought if used for anything other than admins. We all had a little more "heart" when we played the game and loyalties to an alliance would see fallen alliance return for a win on the same server they were declared defeated on with the same players. It was easy for noobs to get interested in the game because it moved slower and things were more steady in certain areas of the map.

But when you take a walk in the woods in real life you can see that the trees grow taller than the lone tree in the field. Grepolis is the woods where life competes with itself and the trees grow ever taller.

Now grepolis has lots of pro players who all use gold, know one another, change their names all the time and only tell those they like who they are (I'm guilty of this myself, I bet you are too). Gold rules over activity. Build times are quicker but server troop speed settings seem to be getting longer on average. Even the way new cities are placed in the game has really changed how it's played. Noobs have just as good a chance of getting interested in this game and succeeding but they need to be willing to accept the gold standard from day one because again, gold is the new standard for this game.

I've learned to change how I play this game but I'm not happy about it and don't think I like it. I used to never use gold and now if I didn't have at least a little for the occasional wall rebuild or rushed CS I'd probably just hand my cities over to my team before I become a liability. I've wanted to start a training alliance many times, and few times I have lent my hand to help in leadership to rim alliances as it does bring great personal joy, but that is something that gets harder and harder to do each server and less and less actually want the help. I commend you for your taking on this task if that is what you claim to do.

That being said, I voted for the merger as did a very good majority of our non leader alliance members. My reason for it was because I have been interested in seeing Caustic win since the beginning of the server as there are some people there that deserve a much awaited crown. I have been around enough times to know that without the merge the best hope Extortion would have is to get 4 and fight a deadlock which is usually a loss for the bigger alliance down the road against a coalition.

If Extortion hadn't done a deal with TINAD then another deal on the server would have likely happened anyway. The fact of the matter is that it still can, and you haven't lost yet. But then of course you know that. Playing lame duck until you're ready to strike is fun but best make sure everyone on your team knows you haven't given up yet or they may.


That is a great piece of work. I think you have struck exactly the right balance.

I am not playing the lame duck.

I know this Nagidos is over and I have in truth abused some Gold to stay even vaguely in contention.

But thankfully there are a few undamaged veins left if I ever need to mainline in my forthcoming final world. :rolleyes:

60 Next May my time is over apart from the upcoming swansong world .

I quite seriously want to do this final world the RIMLORD way and then retire our standard once and for all.

A handful of like minded Veterans are going to help me try and make our final world a doozy.

After that I will walk away with nary a backwards glance and leave it to the Young Turks.


Well done MuR - a great analysis. Sadly too many worlds are being decided by compromise to avoid possible defeat and now gold is everything. To me the game is all about constructing a really clever attack to out-wit a skillful opponent but I am now the "Old Guard" and times have moved on and , I believe gold has made new leaders more selfish. But, I am very willing to retract in the face of evidence to the contrary.


any fresh newspaper here???!!!