Newspaper The One Issue Ithaca Newspaper!


This has been a hectic past month and a half in Ithaca. We have seen the tp ranked, second ranked, seventh ranked, and many more alliances fall. A new alliance that disbanded a while ago also popped back up, Dark Anarchy. Among the most surprising was As Athens Burns. They were ganged up on by the 1st, 3rd, 12th, 7th, and 8th ranked alliances. They still exist, but have fallen from 2nd to 10th.

The Top 15 alliances are:

1. Deus ex Birema
2. Inglorious Basterds
3. ReVoLuTioN
4. Dark Anarchy
5. Republica
6.Grimm Sleepers
7. The Varangians
8. New Model Army
9. Blacksmith
10. As Athens Burns
11. Tenant Eviction
12.Extra Mortal Basterds
13. Brotherhood of Republica
14. Global Domini
15. Lords of Heaven

Assassin Nation fell from 10th to 16th this week. Blacksmith popped up made of old AAB members.

RANT and Predictions:

Tenant Eviction is a full blow MRA and soon will form a 2nd alliance. Global Domini, due to disorganization, will fall to 16th.

Deus ex Birema will turn on IGB and the others like they did to AAB.

Revolution will stay strong and stay MRA.

EMB will climb and pass Tenant Eviction.

Republica will stay strong but stay weak in their own sort of way.

Grimm Sleepers will stay strong for the time being.

Dark Anarchy will keep growing, I see them being a huge power.

Blacksmith will pass both NMA and the Varangians.

Lords of Heaven will stay about the same and grow slowly.

AAB will keep falling.

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Like this but you have, in my opinion got one thing wrong, DeB inly turned on AAB because they didn't help them against us (grimm sleepers)
Im sure one of their members could explain it better but they arn't backstabbing, AAB are generally annoying, most of them gave up the second we retaliated and Revolution decided to attack DeB and Grimm (personally i feel was a big mistake, but then I may be slightly bias)

Otherwise great newspaper PLEASE continue it :)


Revolution decided to attack DeB and Grimm (personally i feel was a big mistake, but then I may be slightly bias)

Funny how you say this as we have had many DeB attacks from the start and GS approached us with many plans agaisnt DeB then ally themselfs with them and attack us along with DeB. I think we are in our rights to attack back unless you would prefer us to turtle up at eat your incomings?!?


How was I supposed to know that, from my view it looked like you attacked us....


Should I make a second issue? It would be called "The Two Issue Ithaca Newspaper."