The Patria Croatica


"God save us from plague, hunger, wars and croatian warriors"


1. Be active. If you have not been active for 7 days or more, we will parcel up your city and either farm it or conquer it. To avoid this, contact:


or your CAPTAIN of division, and let them know what's up. We will probably tell you to set your account to vacation mode.

2. Grow. If you have a city that's under 5K points, then you have a short time to get it above it. Fast growth shows a good player paying attention to the game. We don't want you to live here, but so close its scary. We are allowed 250 members in our alliance and would like the best players we can gather!

3. Be inquisitive. If you're unsure about something, then contact one of our leaders or post in the Q&A section and we will answer you to the best that we can. Knowledge is power, visit FAQS to learn about game

Rules for Diplomacy

1. If you are attacked send the attacker a non-threatening message and find out why you are being attacked. Let them know you are active. See what you need to do to stop further attacks.

2. If this does not work, send me a message and since I'm our head-diplomat and I will work on the situation.

3. While Im working on it, build a big defensive army and don't leave resources lying around. They will stop attacking if it hurts and they get nothing. Dont leave your troops, move them to go support some other town. Especially if you cast WISDOM on the attacker and you now its too strong.
Lift the MILITIA in your farms. You will get BP and he will get jack !

Standby System

Level 1 - No Threat
Do as you like! Attack, conquer, etc unless the involved players are on the Ally or NAP list.

Level 2 - Standby
Be prepared for war. Don't take any actions without consulting leaders in case we need you elsewhere.

Level 3 - War
We're at war! Find out which targets you can help with and then be prepared to send out your offensive or defensive troops as needed. If there is an offensive find information in HQ on the forum pages or contact your Division commanders.

The levels may be different for each ocean or the same for the entire alliance. A notification email will be sent out when the level changes and it will be posted on the internal High Council page.

This rule board will continue to be updated.

Yours the leader Vranac
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Patria is a MRA as well.

I was under 3k points for more than a month and they didn't kick me out.

Not to mention they invited me in the alliance even though I was at the other end of the world.


i know there leader genisis and he has told me he has been battling the other leaders trying to make them have an actual "core" and make there defence strong before they focus on being number one


:cool:I just cant believe those proud words about that we are charging to be No. 1?!

You can say that Im eager on Grepolis but that far that can be done, Im just happy to lead my citizens to position 9th with more than 5 mil. points :D

And I want to announce our expand in territory and in points in next month :)

The Patria Croatica, a nation of free people!!


Pajdo zadnjih 60 clanova su ti potpuno nepotrebni, a mozda i vise.
Baci to van.
last 60 members of these completely unnecessary, and maybe more. Throw them out.

I agree ! (about unnecessary)
Slažem se!


lol brendan, you completely destroyed my name. :) and i'm not a "he"...
I wouldn't use the word "battling", but yeah, I have talked to Jokac about it, and made a large post of which, like two people have replied to.

Oh, and Vranac, have you read it yet?

ahaha sorry :)


People in our alliance is our alliance no matter of their strength! As long as they are around 36th ocean.