The Retirement of the Spy (the end of the saga)


Oh well... oh well... oh well..... oh we....
I truly thought that the former No Brakes players were going to crucify me given the threats and accusations. They attacked, but all of their attacks failed. They failed to even take one single city.

I am leaving for the new world. I appreciate that Avanya had the courage to take me. I was taken by several alliances just to later find that their leaders were weak and then forced to expel me due to their treaties.

My alliance will take the cities or I will donate my account to someone else. Either way. The ghost of Quetzalea has served its purpose. Be aware that it will appear on the new server under a new name.


Avanya as a spy herself feels spiritually close to you bro that is why she was the only one to accept you.
The reason why you are quitting (if you are) is that Tim has no more need for you:d
Sindar is not a competitor for them,Black Ship for example was;)