Newspaper The Rhethymnos Weekly - Second Edition


BP has ended!! Everyone is racing out to battle wit the first conquests already starting. This world will soon become a bloody battlefield and the champions will rule the world. Wars are starting, alliances are being made and Rhethymnos is coming to life.

Lets start this edition by examining the top alliances:

RankAlliance NamePointsPlayersAverage
1Red Nation59878262303
2Two for Finching57086291968
4The Langoliers53000301767
7ESPRIT DE CORPS49789281778
8Death Wing Company49743232163
9EVOLUTION OF D3TH48958291688
10Soul Destroyers47203301573
11Revolt of Death43159291488

RankAlliance NamePointsPlayersAverage Points
2Two For Flinching2328929803
3The Langoliers2279830760
4Red Nation2164124902
6Revolt of Death1940129669
7EVOLUTION OF D3TH1752427649
8Southern Privateers1739028621
9TAU Warriors1731026666
104tress BLACK1543327572

From our last report on the top alliances we can see these changes:

BrotherHoodDown to 3rd placeTheir average is no longer top, starting to fall
Two for FlinchingMaintain 2ndBuilt a brother alliance, solid
The LangoliersDown to 4thDoing ok
Red NationUp to 1stBest average, solid
ChAoSDown to 6thmade 2 academies, not doing so well
Revolt of DeathMaintain 11not much to say
EVOLUTION OF D3THDown to 9thThey were weak, going down
Southern PrivateersNo longer in top 12weak so they fell
TAU WarriorsDown to 10threnamed to CenTAUrianS, still doing ok
4tress BLACKDiedBad average so they died
MadnessUp to 5thStrong, gonna go far
Death Wing CompanyUp to 8th3rd best average, going good

Many alliances are going down in ranks and we are starting to see the real alliances growing in ranks to take their place. BP has ended so we will look into the bp ranks:

RankAllianceTotal Battle PointsAnalysis
1Red Nation7555Highest abp, low dbp, good start
2BrotherHood7012Lots of dbp, low abp, bad start
3Two for Flinching6529Great abp, academy also in top 12, good start
4Madness6378Lots of dbp, good alliance but needs more aggression
5Nightmares of Elysium5533More dbp than abp, not worthy of the name
6Death Wing Company5090lots of abp, great start
7The Empire420113 members and 4000 bp, amazing
8EVOLUTION OF D3TH40381/2 dbp, 1/2 abp, not so good
9CenTAUrianS3746Top dbp, next to no abp, very bad start
10Three for Flinching3376academy of Two for Flinching, Doing ok
11Revolt of Death3304Low abp, high dbp, bad start
12ChAoS3228Doing pretty good, has a decent amount of abp

Now onto the interviews:

Ashopath - top player and abp rank

Kayfon: Your top player in the world, 2 cities, 5000 pts in 5 days, mind sharing how you did it?

Ashopath: I'm glad you asked as many people have speculated, some even make accusations of foul play.

This is a numbers game so maths is the key, resources in particular, gold is not enough. Yes gold will cut down your build times but what good would that do if you don't have enough resources to build the next building? A good foundation of farming villages is needed, once the resources come flooding in so will the points. Obviously a good building plan helps and I may write a guide on that at some point. This isn't known to everyone but you can get free gold by completing certain tasks like filling in surveys etc. Personally I do not buy gold, I attain this way.

Some simple calculations are all that is needed to achieve what I have, anyone can do it.

Kayfon: Wow well I'm sure everyone will be surprised. So out of curiosity, how long do you have to play everyday to get to the place your at?

Ashopath: I work from my laptop as a software programmer, I spend around 9 hours a day 5 minute farming, the rest of the time is spent with my 3 boys. I know that a lot of people play Grepolis at work themselves so as I say, everyone is capable of reaching this level.

Kayfon: Well good job. Now about your alliance, what do you want your alliance will become later on?

Ashopath: Well the aim of the game is to build the World Wonders, The Empire is going to accomplish this. I have avoided playing a Hero world until I have won a Warrior world, I like to do things systematically. I will help my members and my members will help me to reach this goal, I only take in the best to get the best results. I have seen players get disheartened with the game when they lose their cities, I am building an alliance where this does not happen, I like Grepolis and I want to make sure my members keep enjoying it.

Kayfon: You also have a great amount of ABP, could you explain how you got troops and points that high so early?

Ashopath: Again it's all about resources, you have to speculate to accumulate. Having a good amount of troops allows you to make permanent farms on your island, which in turn brings in more resources for more troops. The troops are virtual and do not need rest, they do not sit around in my city doing nothing, aggression pays.

Burdock - Founder of Death Wing Company

Kayfon: Alright, your founder of Death Wing Company, an alliance with one of the best averages, how did you do it?

Burdock: Well we just take in the best, yet we don't necessarily look at points first. We look at experience and BP, if a player has none of that then they are not accepted into this alliance.

Kayfon: Some people are saying you guys are new to the game, care to elaborate?

Burdock: The only thing new to this game is this alliance, everyone else here knows what they are doing and have experience that make them a worthy adversary.

Kayfon: Well you guys sure look like a good team. Who do you think of as your biggest threat so far?

Burdock: Hm our biggest threat... were not quite sure on that one. If I had to say though is that Red Nation could put up quite a fight for this ocean. As for ChAoS though, im still not sure if there a threat.



Desdemain - top dbp and bpa

Kayfon: I see that you have the highest bpa and dbp, could you tell us more about that?

Desdemain: My playstyle is aggressive. I knew it was a gamble pissing off my entire island on the first day out of BP, but so far I am pleased with the results. revolt of death is not very happy with me I am sure.

Kayfon: Well I assume you have a big target on your back, how do you feel being top bpa and dbp?

Desdemain: I admit I am losing some sleep with strategies and counterstrategies, that and my wife's cat won't shut up. Keeps me online constantly. I wasn't really looking to be on top and it is not a priority for me to stay #1. I was hoping to make as many people on my island quit as quickly as possible to give me some room to look outward.

Kayfon: I think they just might, anyways how do you think your alliance is doing so far?

Desdemain: They are not as aggressive on the whole, but they are quite experienced. We have a couple of the founding members of Nightmares from Gamma on our team. I myself am new to the group - this being my 2nd world (and I'm also working over Bellerophon on the hero side). We are only recruiting experienced people we know from other worlds.

Dev7in - Founder of Madness, Rank 2 dbp

Kayfon: Your alliance is close to the top in dbp, what's happening?

Dev7in: haha it appears our no friend policy is paying off

Kayfon: Do you think there will be any competition for your ocean and if so who?

Dev7in: i wouldn't say we were bound by ocean, what difference do those lines make? we will take over our locale, which happens to be where the 4 core oceans come together then we will consider which direction we wish to head. It is too early to say who is up to what.

Kayfon: Well you seem to be off to a good start, anything you'd like to say to the people who read this newspaper?

Dev7in: Always room for improvement...hmm anything i'd like to say...yeh sure, i would like to ask the readers given a choice of fighting 12 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck - what would you choose?

-Spyder- - leader of Red Nation top average points nad abp

Kayfon: Is your alliance in any wars or planning any wars?

-Spyder-: Yes. We are fighting almost everyone in our ocean. But, there are a few main alliances that we want to fight the most. The Langoliers, BrotherHood, ChAoS, and CenTAUrians. We are already fighting them. In the near future, we will have some newer and tougher enemies. But I'd like to keep that part a bit private.

Kayfon: Alright well your off to a good start, first in alliance abp, what do you have to say about that?

-Spyder-: I am very glad that we are rank 1 in ABP. That was one of my main goals for Red Nation. It still is, so we have to keep it up.

Kayfon: So you are at war with alot of alliance, how do you think it will end up 4 alliances against 1?

-Spyder-: Well, with a lot of team work and dedication, it can easily end up good.

That's it for the interviews and from what I see, many wars are starting and the fights are just beginning.

The topic of discussion this week is war:

War is the one aspect of Grepolis that any alliance, weather small or big has to go through. Down to its most basic level, it is the conquering of cities from enemies. As many people know, that is not all it is. War is diplomacy, it is battle, it is spying and it is strategy. In the end, war is about the alliance that can successfully use all those aspects to their advantage to successfully defeat their enemies. Wars can be huge or they can be little. They could last years and they could last hours. Many wars are started right when BP ends and sometimes, these wars last forever. The first war I want to talk about is the war between Red Nation/Two for Flinching and BrotherHood/The Langoliers/ChAoS/CenTAUrians. As most of you know, most of these alliances have sister/brother alliances so after those are added, this war is a massive 4 v 8 war. Red Nation and Two for Flinching seem to have the upper hand, with higher abp and lower dbp. Now the question is what BrotherHood, The Langoliers, ChAoS and CenTAUrians are gonna do to make sure they stay in this world. They might form a pact, they might fight separately but one thing is certain, they must do something fast. The key to winning wars is teamwork. In the history of Grepolis, many underdog alliances have won wars because of their teamwork within themselves and with other alliances. Because of the teamwork between Red nation and Two for Flinching, their chances of winning are doubled. Although in the end it is about 1 to 1 combat, it still helps if more people are attacking. This war will prove to be a long one and only one will be victorious. Another war that is starting to brew is between Two for Flinching and Illyria. What started as a few little skirmishes might end up in full out war. Enough about oc55 and 054, lets talk about o45. There seems to be a battle between The Langoliers and Soul Destroyers starting up. Although it hasn't started officially, it seems like an inevitable conclusion. Meanwhile in o44, EVOLUTION OF D3TH and Revolt of Death might be starting a battle with The Empire likely to join in.

This world is starting up great. We will have to see about the wars and wait for an update about if they are real.

Thanks for reading

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Nice paper +rep. I agree, a successful alliance uses all the tools in its arsenal, not just war. Although of course war is most definitely the most important :p

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