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Ok first off, this is a bit of a meme/serious post chronicling the rise and fall of SS. I don't have the full facts so please correct me and I will happily edit and give you credit for the info, now let's start the story

27th April 2020.
As Big Papa woke up, he logged onto to the forum and saw that there was a new world opening, Big Papa thinks to himself and comes up with the wonderful idea of creating an alliance, surely three times the charm, or is it seven or eight, anyway let's get back on with the story.
After the generic copy and paste post about wanting EXPERIENCED players with ALARM (something that even Big Papa doesn't bother to check if they do) some players took the bait and joined his server.
29th April (World opened)
Big Papa looked up on grepolife and saw there wasn't much competition on the server as of yet, just a little alliance called CM. Nothing too big, Big papa thought this was his chance to shine.
30th April - 13th May (SS drop)
SS dropped in 55 and credit to them did clear out most of the opposition in their ocean. Everything was going swimmingly or so it seemed. There was a city take by CM on the 54 border. But that was all fine because the player wasn't actually in the core and hadn't dropped with a link...

21st May 3pm (Giles ghosted without telling anyone that he was)
Big Papa logs on to Grepolis, checks the alliance rankings and sees that SS had lost eight cities today, an unheard of number in his eyes. After kicking Giles for the alliance to make sure that the war score was still 0-0 to animal farm. He got ready for some farming, little did he know that things were going to get a lot worse...

21st midnight -22nd 02:00
By now, SS had lost all their minor footprint in 54, with CM taking all their cities, Big Papa needed an excuse and he needed one fast... Ah he thought. because they were in 54, w can claim that we didn't want to protect them, and so everything was all right again.

Aftermath until the Leontini post...
SS regrouped and credit to them took a lot of cities from smaller alliances in a short space of time, there was still the occasional take from CM but nothing too bad. Big Papa could have just kept his head down and regrouped, however he had to take a stand and in that was the forum thread Leotini (Here is a link if anyone is unfamiliar with it ) After some mudslinging by Big Papa which was subsequently disproven by everyone in the first hour or two, (at least he can count up to 16), Puppy Cuddle and a few others left in disgust.

What I think will happen now
To be honest, I am surprised SS has lasted this long, I don't see them lasting two weeks after the post yesterday. Credit to Big Papa in three ways though,
1. Livened up the forum
2. Lasting over one month, a personal best?
3. Timing his exit to join 127

DISCLAIMER: This is purely a satirical post, please don't spam Big Papa or any of his alliance mates.