The Tidal Wave of Poseidon


We are the Tidal Wave of Poseidon.

Info: The Tidal Wave of Poseidon is part of a larger group of alliances called the Reincarnation of Poseidon.

We have been sent to purify the sins caused by other immortal beings, and clans of evil. We ally with any clan trusted and respected.

Requirements to join:

Lowest ranking required is 100 below Shinabi's ranking

Must have 500 points

Must have played Grepolis for at least 2 weeks

Must PM Shinabi with 5 sentences (at least) with reasons why you want to join, what you will do to help, etc.

Must be active at least once a week

And, most important, know how to have FUN!

If you are considered, then you will need a majority vote from the alliance to complete the decision

The only exceptions is if the leader asks you to join, in which all requirements except for voting requirement is void.

If your score is above 2000, and you own more than 5 cities and are respected, message to leader requirement is void.

So far, we have no members, so ask away! I will accept scores above 400, temporarily, so join quick before my deal is removed!

Status: Recruiting!

(Is there something I should change? Please criticize)