The Turks Premade

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The Turks​

Coat of Arms (Primarary):

(insert world here) has come. So shall the barbarians!

So did (insert next world capitol here) burn in (insert year it was conquered here), so shall this world burn at our hands in a currently unnamed month!

We shall deliver a slow death to these heathens!
Yes, a very slow death.

We will accept anyone into our ranks. However, We will kick those who do not prove themselves.

Let us unite and conqer the known and unknown world.

Recuitment Details

Leaders Wanted
Diplomats Wanted
Recruiters Wanted
Misc. Positions Wanted

If you wish to join, PM me.

It must include:
-links to Grepostats
-summarization of past expirience
-what you hope to accomplish in this alliance
-why you want to join. 30 words or less.
-one piece or proverbial wisdom (Do or do not, there is no try)
-one piece of non-proverbial wisdom (When in Europe, don't drive on the right side of the road)
-Whether you are interested in having a job.
- From which direction our hordes shall ride. (starting direction.

Coat of Arms (Secondary):

I originally planned this premade for Byzantium, but I didn't get anywhere with it.

I'm thus postponing it.

Preffered World Specs:

WS: 1-2
US: 2-3
Alliance Cap: 80, 100 MAX.
Revolt: Off preferably, but Revolt activated is fine too.
Morale: Off, but probably won't happen.

I realize this is kinda slow, but I don't have the time to play on another speed 3 world (I play on Chi).

Credit for CoA 1: tommymcm

Credit for CoA 2: dogukankurt
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i'm not flaming you but in order to get people to join a premade you usually need to have earned some cred in-game. all of your servers are under 4k and are one city only listed on grepostats.

before starting a premade i would suggest joining another alliance. when you show ability you will eventually be elevated to a leadership position. i believe this to be the best way to learn the game and how to lead an alliance.

i have led two alliances and i started as a lowly soldier in both alliances. i don't think anyone is qualified to run an alliance until they've taken at least 15 cities off of active targets. showing what you can do on a previous server is the best way to lure people into a premade. success likes to follow success.

good luck though. grepo is a fun game and i'm just chipping in my two cents.


True, but it can't hurt to try, right?

I am also highly expirienced in similar games, so I feel relatively confident in my ability to lead an alliance.

Thanks for you feedback anyway.


I need you to give me credit for the Alliance CoA as it is MINE and if you use it for an alliance then I demand that I be given the credit!


@ tommymcm

Done. You are hereby given the credit for the CoA you made me.

R0fL PwN3d


EDIT: This took me like 5 minutes.

EDIT 2: This took me 5 more minutes.

EDIT 3: Guess how long this took me?

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Atticus X

no no, it sucks, there's no joking about it, it's totally not funny...not funny at all...give the man credit...stroke his pride, flame his hubris, let him stand tall and say 'I made that POS CoA and I'm proud of it".

Stamp your feet a bit more tommy, demand he give you credit for that ...that...picture.
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