Newspaper The Two Issue Ithaca Newspaper!


This past week has seen many interesting changes. Extra Mortal Basterds merged with the Varangians, creating a new super alliance ranked third in the world. AAB has been crushed like a ant with an excited kid with a baseball, and Deus and IB are distancing themselves from the pack.

Top fifteen alliances:

1. Deus ex Birema (I'm so surprised)
2. Inglorious Basterds
3. Varangian Basterds
4. ReVoLuTioN
5. Dark Anarchy
6. Grimm Sleepers
7. New Model Army
8. Republica
9. Tenant Eviction
10. Blacksmith
11. Brotherhood of Republica
12. As Athens Burns
13. Global Domini
14. Lords of Heaven
15. The GodFathers


Deus will stay strong and start distancing themselves from IB
IB will stay strong but not grow quite as fast
VB will keep climbing up in points fast and start moving into O57
ReV will stay strong and stay MRA, as usual
DA will pass Rev in about a week and a half
GS will stay strong and not defend much anymore, they will go offensive if that is possible for them
NMA will keep taking Republica cities
See above statement for Republica. They are going to pull an AAB and fall, except only NMA is against them. Show some strength, people!!!!!
Tenant Eviction will keep growing and start a new alliance
Blacksmith will stay at war but won't win or lose as of yet
BoR will eventually pass Republica and I will laugh and suggest they switch the names around ! :)
AAB will fall to 17th soon
GD will grow, but fail in the long run. Their academy has a much better average than them. They need to sort out their priorities.
LoH will grow, but do to the fact they have only one founder and 2 leaders and crappy leadership they will fall soon
New is the GodFathers. They have shot up in recent days and look like a possible future MRA. I hope i am wrong, this world has enough of those as it is.

This week I will actually have an interview!!!! It is with someone not all that great in the world, but with an inside look at Lords of Heaven. Introducing: Trelisis!!!!

Q: What do you think of LoH overall?

A: I think they have the possibility of being a good alliance but their leadership needs to improve.

Q: Where do you see them a month from now?

A: Around the same spot, maybe a little bit lower.

Q: DO you think they are an MRA or have the possibility of becoming one?

A: Well, we have been recruiting lots of people lately and almost all members have inviting rights. So my answer I guess is it could happen soon.

Q: Which alliance do you feel threatens you the most?

A: I don't know because we aren't fighting anyone right now. Possible enemies could be GS or Blacksmith maybe.

Q: Am I asking you relevant questions?

A: I would say so :D

That is it for this week guys! Plus rep me if you enjoyed! Also, let me know if I should make the Three Issue Ithaca Newspaper!


Good paper, like with Prolong. Id suggest more colour and Pics. MAybe a page 3 girls as well :p