Newspaper The WWW- World Wide Wars


I have decided to make a newspaper that describes all major wars that are taking place in Gythium. It will provide a steady stream of statistics, interview, and professional opinions. And to make it fun, there may be a few debates between some of our writers and some fun stories about ops or players in the war.

These are the positions that are currently available for the newspaper. They will be updated as much as I can so you are not confused.

Field Reporters (2 available)- These guys are right in the action. They interview players and get real close looks at the battle situations. Any changes in a war (pact made, leader gone) should be found and reported. There are no requirements to get this job, except for having to play in the world and if you could provide screenshots it would be boost your chances.

Statistic Reporters (2 available)- These are the guys who provide the most factual information. They provide information about cities taken, bp earned, maps, and anything else that comes to mind. No requirements for this one. If you are a statistic reporter you can also be a "professional".

Professionals (3 available)- These guys are good. The professional take stock of information brought by filed and statistic reporters and give their "professional" opinions. They also participate in debates and other fun activities. While tho]is job may seem the best, it is also the most challenging, as you need to write a lot for the job. Plus, the requirements are tougher than the rest. You must be active, smart, and be at least a some-what experienced player.

Critics (1 available)- This is also a fun job. While it is a lot like being a professional, giving your opinions, participating in debates, etc., there are some unique differences. First, the critic goes hard-core on the war, pointing out all the stupid mistakes the alliances have done. Plus, a critics' opinion should be read much more closely. The critic can give suggestions on how to fight the war, and while professionals might do this to, the critic's should be listened to and be possibly used, as critics are expected to be almost always right. A critic must be active, extremely smart, and be an expert on the game.

Story Writer (1 available)- The job is pretty simple. When asked, you write small stories about events in the war. You should use pictures as much as possible and make the stories entertaining and fun, but not completely untrue. The only requirements are for you to be creative and a good writer.

That's it for now. If you want to apply make sure to private message me, and if I like you I'll give you the job. The only rewards are self-satisfaction and maybe an occasional +rep for a good job. A headquarters for this newspaper will be made soon.


Just send a message about the position you want and why you should become part of the team.