This is ridiculous


I suggest we start a coalition against your punctuation :D

Your joke wasn't funny the 1st time, let alone the 3rd or 4th time! ;)
For what it's worth I thought it was pretty darn funny the first time and it is only improving as you repeat it.

As to the punctuation . . . . . Baldarse has a very valid point


did i say i will take it? no. i just said hes building his city so someone else can, and dont worry about me bruh, i have 2 syndicate guys island next to me im just playing game pick the target, so you might see this other part quite soon
You really making me laugh so much and hard ....


Man how lame are you....going back over a year ago to find some random post....and you guys think you have a life...


Dude, you are not even play in this world. I am not sure if you are still playing Grepo after the shameful mass ghosting in Golgi. Yet, you are still follow and bite us in our butt every chance you have. You must like our fart very much.