Titans of Thessaloniki


The Titans of Thessaloniki are here to claim all that they desire.

Join us and take your rightful place as Gods of Juktas.
Remember there can only be 65 members per Alliance, so take this opportunity to be part of history.

Recruitment:OPEN in O55 only!

Want to join us? Don't even try if you don't meet the requirements:
- Speak decent English
- Be ready to give everything for the group
- At the very least 500 BPs from attacks alone (Does not apply as of yet)
- Be within 4 hours by bireme from one of our members.

Yes, we are small and have no intention of ever growing to the Alliance limit of 65. Only looking for experienced players (as everybody else) who enjoy the thrill of going up against the odds in a fight and coming out on top.

If you wish to receive an invite please include some previous awards from other worlds in your PM to me (in game).

My own experience is there for every-one to see, Delta was my primary world and have just begun in Byzantium prior to Juktas.


Luck has nothing to do with it ;)

But appreciatre the support


Everyone? damn... here i was thinking he singled me out .. ahh shucks


Ya pretty sure he's just trollin trying to get his post count up


Alliance will be dissolved shortly... maybe in the future when people are ready to take on the big boys i will try again.

please delete the thread.