TKF's Power Rankings Edition Nine: Top 3 Hold Firm, Spirtum Sancti Plummets, Beasties Rise, Warlords Rise, & Two New Faces!

We made it a full seven days and we have some more changes this week. But before we start, I'd like to present another link for the World Chat. Its grown a lot since the first release and is well modded now. You can even suggest new content to go along with these editions!

World Chat Link:

Now without further ado, here's the power rankings!
The Map

1. Bad With Names/Bad With Numbers- They lead 27-19 against OV/FD. They also have hung a 70-10 on Spirtum Sancti, Silly Rabbits, and Unnatural Selection. The spam campaign has caused some attrition in their ranks but aside from Xuegou & *Hektor*, I'm not sure they're missing anyone that's gone in terms of making a major difference in the fight. They did lose one other player that could be considered a major loss, but that account was taken over by somebody else that's even better. They're in pretty firm control and can rely on the Balkans to make up for the losses from the spam war in World Wonders. What is important to note is that it appears that they'll have a few internals in the future if most of these people stay in VM. This will slow them down in the late midgame and leave them with over 150 cities of internals. However, the odds of them all staying in VM are minimal. Still this aside, its hard to say that they're not in firm control of things. Because of this, I'm moving them beyond just a contender for the world. They are the world leaders as of right now.

World Status: World Leader

2. Balkan Boyz/Balkan Boyz*/Ice Boyz-
I've had multiple people on each jump to correct me when I get something wrong in the Warlords war and to be fair many criticisms are correct. There's many aspects of the war to understand. If you count Warlords and Ice Girlz alone Balkans lead 61-45 against them. However its also important to remember that Nightmare Bunnies were a branch of Warlords previously. Which if you add them in makes the score 75-46 in favor of Balkans. There was also The Damned which was a confirmed partner of Warlords but so few cities were taken before they merged into other alliances that I won't add them in. It looks favorable to the Balkans right? Not so fast, they've lost their Souvlaki players who now play in Warlords. While Balkans have generally fared well against Warlords since their departure, its been argued that the loss of these players alone makes it impossible to declare the Balkans as the clear winners of the war so far. However, the Warlords recently lost Ragnarson and Blackpig, which makes it hard to argue that Warlords are faring much better. So who is winning? Its a pretty interesting debate and I'd love to hear your thoughts. So you decide.

Balkans have also rallied back from what was an 0-8 start against Beasties in order to tie up at 16-16 each. For those keeping score, this is now the third major opponent that Balkans have rallied back on. I'd say that they have recaptured the momentum in this fight. But as we've know from previous experience, momentum can swing in this area quickly.

Their successes against relevant opponents pretty much lock them into second place at this point. I would call them the co-world leader but three months is a long time and its possible something breaks down between Bad With Names and Balkans. I don't view this as very likely. The Balkans have always seemed like a loyal group and both alliances will benefit from this relationship for the rest of the world. But still keeping in the realm of possibility, their status stays the same.

World Status: Contender

3. OCEANS VETERANS/Flaming Dragon-
There wasn't much movement on the scoreboard this week. But there were exchanges in the spam war. As stated in BWN's section, Xuegou has ended up in VM for the moment at least. This is added to the list of VM casualties throughout the war. Sadly for OV, Dark Wraith also ghosted. Even worse for OV, they brought Fluvisol into the world. OV does have an advantage in having more people on their side not in VM. Indicating that this spam war might not be impacting them as much. You have to give credit, they've had a rough go start to finish and are the anchor for their coalition. But they're going to need a knock out punch to pull ahead in this war I believe.

World Status: Contender

4. The Booty Warrior Cult-
Officially in the top 12 points now. 2-0 on Mongooses and a couple towns taken off the damned and warlords this week as the Bunny clean up continues. There's not really much else to be said for us, its been an otherwise quiet week.

World Status: Exists

5. Beasties-
They have a respectable 16-16 record with the Balkans. They're allied to Warlords, Ice Girlz, and what appears to now be Fighting Mongooses. The combination of which does give them a pretty decent chance for wonders. They'll likely be looked to as the driving force against the Balkans while Warlords continue to regroup. Other than that, they also have had a very quiet week. They do however get bumped up to being a contender due to their forming faction.

World Status: Contender

6. Warlords-
In my opinion the loss of Blackpig is a serious hit. I've talked to him about why he left but I won't share his reasoning or post it as I don't want to been seen as trying to influence people's views. That said, this alliance is still in the top 3. As stated above, with Beasties and an NAP with Fighting Mongooses, they have a decent shot at the world wonders still. Despite the hits, they aren't dead yet, which is a decent sign if nothing else. Because of their forming faction, they also get the contender status back.

World Status: Contender
7. Spirtum Sancti/Unnatural Selection/Silly Rabbits- Combined they're 10-70 against Bad With Names, which is a score that just gives me traumatic flashbacks to when I used to wrestle and our main rival beat our team by a score like this. They also seem to have many of their top players in VM or inactive. Internals are mounting as well. I view this as a major test for their leadership. How do you rally in hard positions. This is also where I'll begin breaking it down in two parts.

US: Imagine me writing about how Unnatural Selection was poised to fall. Yeah they're the winner of this merge and war as of right now. Purely on the grounds that they turned enemies into a meat shield and appear to have ***The Greeks*** too nervous to commit to a course of action. If they actually use this advantage right, it'll give them time to consolidate power again and think about what moves they have left to make for the world win are. I'll give credit to their leader here. They took an unfavorable position and flipped it to their advantage. You don't hear much out of them. Because they're just trying to make things better. Because of this, they're going to at least probably get to see the end barring another merge.

SS/SR: I'm going to give my harshest opinion on this one. On the other side of this coin, I see a group that was quick to talk before the fight got started, which probably sped up the process of that fight starting. Then they blamed me essentially for not winning their fight to Bad With Names. Now they aren't as vocal. Which would be fine if there was any evidence that they were running their alliance. But it looks like they are more or less giving up. To which I can say, fine, be that way. If you want to quit when things got tough, then you probably don't deserve to win. When you look at every alliance on this list, they've all gone through or are going through some rough times in this world, some have conquered levels of adversity that I'm not sure I could even do. But these teams haven't given up. I doubt most of SS wants to give up either. So if Big Papa is ready to check out, he should at least give control of SS to somebody actually capable of running SS so he doesn't screw everybody else over. Maybe the guy mentioned above? Just don't do it and immediately go back to trash talking everybody.

World Status: Anarchy

8. The Pariahs-
Lost a city to Mongooses this week. But also went on a run on the Damned and Patient 0. Both of which merged into Mongooses. Benefit of the doubt is given for now.

World Status: O54 Power

9. Fighting Mongooses-
You gotta hand credit to some groups that find ways to survive. They've gotten an NAP with Warlords, a pact with Beasties, defeated Death Before Dishonor, are 1-0 against The Pariahs, and down 0-2 to The Booty Warrior Cult. They also control O64 and have safety from Beasties, Warlords, and Balkans at this time. Its really not a bad strategy or a bad hall. Snipe's doing a good job with what he/she has.

World Status: Contender (With Beasties and Warlord)

10. ***The Greeks***-
The Greeks are beginning to look less like a Grepo alliance and more like a crazy person on Tinder. They've reached out a few times about fighting US/SS. Only to really take internals off of SS and not really seem to do much. They've also reached out to Bad With Names, Warlords, and I'm guessing anybody that will listen. The thing is that needing someone to hold your hand to attack an alliance that's obviously in trouble doesn't result in much respect. If this is what they think of themselves, then I see no point in even attempting to justify that they belong any higher than anybody who gains a little bit of credibility. It also inspires no faith from would be partners if they change sides daily.

World Status: Declining Power

11. TAKOS-
Who doesn't like TAKOS am I right? They've lost some towns to Beasties and a one man alliance. But otherwise are growing steadily. Hopefully they can keep up the growth and get themselves into contender status.

World Status: Rising Power

12. Sea Warriors-
I was going to give this to The Horde, but then I saw that this team was beating the Horde by a score of 2-1. They are losing to The Pariahs by a score of 0-2.

World Status: O53 Power
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On a side note if you checked the polls in discord and your name has come up in it, I’d love to know in advance if you’re interested in an interview or a debate.


I have a question right now.

They the things happened, bwn have no real contester for the crown. So dont get me wrong, but will we see a war between bwn and bb or allied ww stage?
but will we see a war between bwn and bb or allied ww stage?
I doubt any such thing happening, the world is going in a course that BWN/BB are picking on alliances one by one. Rest of the alliances are foolish enough to work together against them and are busy fighting among themselves. Funny, People who were against BWN/Bb are now joining them eg some Warlords are joining BWN etc. The world is done as of now. Congrats to BWN and its allies (BB/TBWC) for ruining such a good world.
Oh no we’re being blamed again. How did we ruin it? You guys had an advantage in every major category for wonders and the world.

Total player count
Total oceans controlled
Total gold spent
Probably equal or even greater amount of quality players overall starting out.

Unfortunately warlords spent most its time led by a guy who prefers to troll the forums and when it switched to an actually good leader, it was too late. It’s not really his or anyone else’s fault for wanting out of that situation. That situation gets old fast and frankly it wasn’t his baby to take care of.

Big Papa just straight up bailed when he realized he might not win.

The Greeks couldn’t see the bigger picture overall and went to fight MAD.

The only two opposing teams that pull their own weight are OCEANS VETERANS and Beasties.

All you guys had to do was wait and not implode and you had a chance to get four wonders.

Lord Prometey

I doubt any such thing happening, the world is going in a course that BWN/BB are picking on alliances one by one. Rest of the alliances are foolish enough to work together against them and are busy fighting among themselves. Funny, People who were against BWN/Bb are now joining them eg some Warlords are joining BWN etc. The world is done as of now. Congrats to BWN and its allies (BB/TBWC) for ruining such a good world.
LOL, how ignorant or uninformes does a person get.


Well the reasons Greeks went to war with SS and UN were first the pact/merge of SS/UN after UN was losing ground on the war they started and second, an inactive SS player, whom Greeks started internaling, SS denied saying he was active and the next day SS internal him for "other" reasons.
Also me leaving SS and joining Greeks was because SS/UN leadership had decide to drop half of o44 at bwn front in order to "cluster up" and sim north o44 until the wonders.

So bottom line is that the Greeks had no other choice than war, as for the SS destruction, there were many players who didnt like Papa's strategy.
Tbh north o44 is kind of a terrible spot for wonders given the coalition. Like if I was planning WW, North O44 would be one of the two spots I'd want to box this enemy coalition into. Merging in unnatural selection was unnecessary and pretty stupid. They have some decent-good players but I wouldn’t take in all the rest for the handful of good ones.

Dropping the BWN front wouldn’t have changed a thing either since BWN would just feed their way to SS again.

SS’ main failing is that they played for wonders way too soon. In their defense, everybody trying to win here is doing it to a degree. To have a realistic chance, you need to finish with minimum two full alliances of people to send resources consistently and provide favor farms. The key word here is finish. SS took on too much too fast without any real plan or ability to administrate it all or enforce their plan. They didn't really need warm bodies 3 months out from wonders they needed more towns for their players.


Yup i totally agree with you. This pact/merge with UN was the fall. Recruit 5-10 players and eat the rest. More cities for the actives.


Flipflop my man you're incorrect on some of this so let me actually tell you, from someone who was actually in the leadership discussing King Trae (the guy Greeks claimed to be inactive)

1) Likeclockwork and myself both spoke to Trae every single day of that fiasco with Greeks, Don and Pap were insistent that King Trae was a BWN spy and THAT is the main reason they didn't let up on him, they knew he wasn't inactive as Don/Pap have mails in their inboxes from Trae telling them he is online and would appreciate if his allies at the time would pull, we didn't break those sieges at first because we sought the diplomatic solution, when that solution became dry, yes we sent to break them and then it spiralled into a war, who wouldn't?

2) Enter diplomatic solution, Greeks wanted to fight, and only fight, they have no interest in WW, so the agreement was made that if they really wanted proper fights, that they go SOUTH to BWN, we (SS/SR, not me personally) gave them 2 islands of cities in the south so they could do this, because yes, they weren't happy with the merge between M.A.D (used to be US) and SS/SR and this was the agreed solution.

3) King Trae then decided to quit, hence the internalisation. Regardless of this, it is not up to Greeks to decide if they start taking their pact mate's internals, that is poor, even from Don and Pap and I think most people would agree that pact mates don't choose when to internalise someone of your alliance, that is up to the leadership of that alliance and them alone.

4) We didn't say to 'give up half of 044'. What we actually did, if you read discord, mass mails and saw the map that we posted, SS/SR were only to give up 1 islands space to consolidate from BWN because yes, I can't deny, BWN had made significant strides into the area with their LMD's and they had found too many players offline times in the area that a consolidation was needed to stop BWN snowballing 044, lots of alliances do this when they get into a tough spot and come out stronger for it (in this case, that didn't happen for other reasons, *cough* papa only came on 2 times a day to bark nonsensical orders *cough* ooh I have a terrible cold)

5) In short, don't make your own decisions on what happened between SS/SR/US and Greeks if you don't actually know the full story of it, you weren't interested in the truth even though I was more than happy to send you the screenshots for it


I really admire that you keep saying the same bs man. Im sure you believe them on 100%.

First of all, to clarify something, the only connection between SS/SR and US was the letter S in the names. You were a different alliance with your own targets which proved to be the greeks and tbwc, who gave no s**t about bwn front. So dont tell me what you decided about that front, you were never there.

Papa gave you the chance to still talk in this server, when he accepted the pact which was the start of the downhill that lead here.

As for o44, before i leave for Greeks, bwn had cities at the middle of o44, and you did nothing about it. Say it however you like, the meaning is the same.

As for Trae, an advice from me to you, dont consider active the players that just reply on messages. A kid, being in school is an inactive, or a semi active if you like it more. Bottom line, an account that is a liability, especially if his cities are in the core. I would have taken them too, no matter if you want them for yourselves, as it proved.

In short, you managed what you wanted from the start, a solid core/solid alliance and viking in your ranks. Dont try to be the saint now ;)
@FlopTurnRiver They’re not really targeting us to be fair. I mean they want to don’t get me wrong. But they basically went to focus somewhere else after we got established and proved that showed that we wouldn’t just roll over and die. Which is kinda ironic because they probably could have stuck a dagger in us early on. Even with the pact they didn’t do much. A few started talking like I should be intimidated by it but...yeah I just couldn’t find the reason to be.

Busting their balls aside though...of course they aren’t interested in BWN. They’re in o53, o43, and north o44. Realistically BWN is a problem for a month from now and even then it might not be a factor.

Big Papa probably shouldn’t have rushed to end the war here.


Flop, you can blame us as much as you like for your great leader Papa completely screwing you, SS would have collapsed earlier if we hadn't come in, don't even try to deny that a lot of your members were thanking us for stepping in because Papa gave up, the 2 main leaders at the time had a lot on their plate with RL (fair reason to be less active as a leader) and the other leaders, Pyro and Beaster followed Papa, and without his guidance they disappeared

The simple fact is, we are still here, SS isn't (well, barely hanging in there) and some of your members left to join us because they saw that we ACTUALLY give a damn about our players, all our leaders are still present and active, in SS they aren't, Papa has even told his members that he is focusing on EN123 not EN121.

You had issues with the Greeks BEFORE the merge, it wasn't a new idea that SS/SR and greeks didn't see eye to eye, even I can see that and I was there for much less time than yourself.

Another note about greeks, without SS/SR supporting and breaking all your sieges you're getting absolutely smashed left right and centre now by us, your exalted leader Don Quixote made all your players send nuke after nuke into an LMD siege on himself but wouldn't even commit troops to my own siege on your player Peiran, a 100% morale siege, he is self centred and self serving and will be your undoing, but thanks for sending 4 full OLU nukes, LS and fliers to the siege, the BP was tasty

But good luck
Just gonna point out that MAD did the exact same thing for you on LMD sieges. I mean it worked don’t get me wrong. But still there were LS chucks and flier chucks for Dodson. They also did it just last night. Granted these sieges weren’t stacked. But still, I witnessed a guy kill his hop nuke and gold out a full LS nuke to break an LMD siege. Which if it failed would have pretty much run dries and topweasel out of ships. That’s not a knock or me trying to insult MAD. Just saying you guys also do that.

As for Greeks, they’ve been trying to get us to pact them against MAD for awhile now.


Those breaks were calculated, we had neirads running to replace (plus a buttload of luck if i'm being honest)

They've been asking half the server from what i'm being told, they had to regain their NAP with SS just to have one side safe I believe