Pnp Toons - The amateur team, the wannabe in pro leagues

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Btw fungi,here is another amateur team(led by your personal friend dumbspace:D).
This "short" list of takeovers is for 26 hours(11:20 yesterday-13:29 today Berlin time).

Fyi,your beloved dumbspace (his alliance)ranked first prior to our op;)
Let me know if 7 cities from a smaller alliance is a proof of better team;)

Should we go Leofungus mode for this in externals,with arrogant s*it like you?:D

1. Fort Aurora taken from Randy 1905 by profiten
2. 027.Urosevac - 44 taken from Dantel by ErikWijmeersch
3. 55 Power taken from mac-man by ErikWijmeersch
4. Luckless lady taken from lady luck1 by Hell House
5. STEELCOLD taken from Midgard by CLINTAURUS
6. 44-01 Attina taken from greckolis by TaraRaBoom
7. Oldschool taken from greckolis by fifty2000
8. Post Hole Digger taken from greckolis by curadh
9. Little Star taken from Sshawville by sam4892
10. Baby boy city taken from Sshawville by amelyna
11. Castellum du Brakes taken from lady luck1 by Ki-Borg
12. 22. We Will Rock You taken from Sshawville by -John Doe -
13. Big Papa t taken from greckolis by Alb Boy
14. SV4413 taken from Sshawville by TREMENDUSXXV
15. Not Great Leaders tken from Sshawville by Ranga1
16. O44 Jardel taken from Sshawville by zatarra77
17. Wishful City taken from ... by Jim Lizard
18. O44-03 Fire taken from Sshawville by amelyna
19. 44.03.Nice team work tken from Sshawville by Bouncer011
20. sum pub crawl taken from devious greedy dee by sumgod
21. No take that one taken from greckolis by maxi135790
22. 44 - 16 taken from ViciouZ by firkirk
23. 4407 Gallant Grape taken from bigbelly123 by ScreechOwl
24. SV4502 taken from Sshawville by TREMENDUSXXV
25. Too Messy taken from greckolis by MAC-9
26. 034 Kiss me please tken from Lilithka by xAlpha Male
27. - Crazy noob Frank - taken from CrazyFrank by ErikWijmeersch
28. 2nd Planet 044 taken from greckolis by 60mm
29. Lizard Gateway taken from bees Xenagos by Jim Lizard
30. Barad-dur taken from Van Helsing by CLINTAURUS
31. Cheap Date taken from greckolis by Goldzdigger
32. Not that one taken from greckolis by Sothlord
33. sum hangover taken from Sshawville by sumgod
34. First Base taken from greckolis by deladulle
35. SV4409 taken from Sshawville by profiten
36. 014.0 Hello friends taken by deladulle
37. Doberman taken from ? by mvandei
38. 013 Fruity taken from ? by DarkSidius
39. 44 Mars taken from ? by Tru3L3git
40. o44-04 taken from ViciouZ by Renaniel
41. Low Hanging Nuts taken from greckolis by Span0ft
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You should be ashamed and give them back their cities :D :D :D
That is speed 3 Tea Bag we talked about that but that is nice anyway.
Be careful there is a real pro simmers alliance there, Bees.rumors is they are making really good honey.


Lol, the same guy who failed to even take 1 city here in his famous ops. That's the difference between regional leagues and the champions league.


Lol.....I recognize some of the names of that world as current failures in this world. I am sure they can turn it around here though.


profiten, ErikWischmersh, KiBorg, mvandei, ... All Sunday league super stars who are shining at their level. :D


You suddenly showed your arrogant face again fungus.
One never changes, huh?

More respect for the adversary.

Its not arrogance when real. Honesstly we have OPed each alliance's leaders and have taken cities from all of them... have you even checked the emporium stats?

Also compare 1 week stats for your alliance in Speed 3 with ours in speed 1 and we do WAY better on all accounts, growth, conquers, BP etc...


They even contacted local singer a pure legend kanar4eto to perform their anthem.He was a star of night, stole the show



If Erik took city from someone must be tough alliance tell him that TS are noobs he can maybe try again here ...


Actually I thought ki borg frisk and these other guys never attacked just defended until you posted these stats ...


Speed one is for those who prefer to go grey;)
And you are like the one with one eye on a village where everyone is blind:d

New Toon can not be compared with No Brakes.
If you would be there we could see who is the better team,but it is impossible to convince normals to play in speed one .
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Speed one is for those who prefer to go grey;)

Once again, Tea sipper shows up ill-informed and making a fool of himself. Pinkies out mate. TS is dominating all the top players from the last several servers in Emporium. I guess that is why you are not there. We grow faster and make more bp in speed 1 than you and your crumpeteers do in a speed 3 world.

Ask erik how things are going for those he loves in Emporium (and we all know he loves no one more than his own self).

Ask Blaze how the world is treating him (oh never mind, after he made bold declarations and subsequently had multiple cities taken from him his own alliance/coalition placed a gag-order on him.)

Ask Tastie how things are going for him in Emporium (Uhmmm, he got tired of the abuse and pulled an Elvis, i.e. he left the building).

Ask Haraxvati how Emporium is treating him (His founder status didn't stop us from taking a ton of cities from him personally, leading him to bail and force his alliance mates to defend him blind).

Ask Ghost of Harrenhal about his experience tangling with us (Well, while we were in the process of taking 9 cities from him in about 24 hours, he let us know that he was unavailable to take anyone's calls.)

Ask Plohish or any of the others. We were told how so many of these guys were top fighters in other worlds and here they cannot stop 90 guys from taking dozens of cities from their top players - when overall they outnumber us at least 8 to 1. For goodness sakes, they still think flybydevil is a great player. The guy that has been sitting on 4k biremes in one of his cities (we have reports) when his alliance mates are losing cities with zero walls left and right.

LOL, That whole team cries about gold use - but I see all their names at the top of the event rankings. Every time we op them they cry that we happened to find the guy whose RL kept him away. Regarding this... I am creating an application for our enemies to fill out so they can let us know the dates/times when RL will not keep them away from the game, since we remarkably (miraculously?) happen to op them when they have a RL crisis.

At this point they KNOW of our greatness. Really, they do. I think you know deep down as well - you are just one of those guys that likes to talk regardless of his circumstances.

Please be humorous if that is all you got though.



Speed one is for those who prefer to go grey;)
And you are like the one with one eye on a village where everyone is blind:d

New Toon can not be compared with No Brakes.
If you would be there we could see who is the better team,but it is impossible to convince normals to play in speed one .

Most of your crew were in Sinope. My cheers to Iconic :cool:
Get the war stats there. Don't tell me you were better team in sending resources and casting :D


He calls themselves "Normals" bloody rush no tactics worlds, destroyed this game not gold users.

Headless chickens like their Papa Erik ... Attack and rebuild with no sense and strategy !


To Chad- I am not misinformed about Emporion.I am completely uninformed;)
Simply do not care for speed 1 servers after a month in Lamia.

To Leo- should I remind you CS was based in 65 and not in 44?
If I remember correctly when chance came your jiffyjeffs paid dearly;)

Out focus was in 65 and areas around it,not in 44( completely irrelevant from our point of view).
Our ops prior to ww were in 55/64 and against fluffies.
Please do check stats ( or external forum of Sinope) before Leo(read trash) talking;)

You do remember you were my direct adversary as ww coordinator with fungus as your godfather, right?
Care to remind the audience the score?;)
And you had a filthy rat to help you all the time I had to use my brain.
And it was going to be a certain 6-1 but for a grave neglect from a couple of guys( of which I can not speak).

Should I remind you that in reality we were outnumbered by a third( and with uncertain factors like Fontenay who flirted with fluffies all the time) during the race or you will continue to count only your own team?:d
Still it was a cleat win 5-2!

Remember that;)

The mighty boss of Syndicate devised the strategy, so our win was against him,him personally, since his ideas were the ones you followed.

To jetserb- who are you mate?

I simply intervened since I did read the PNP.
Idea was good, but the photos of goalkeeper were a bit exaggerated in my opinion.
For that reason and for the disgusting provincial arrogance shown I refrained from + reping you.

Still waiting you to publish the reply of Annette Leo;)
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Oh dear, when you mention your simmer Victor award, you include your slavery alliance like: BlackList, Alpha(s), LoS, etc. But when it comes to war stats, you intentionally exclude them.

Let me remind you: Iconic and co who are playing in your mighty NoBrakes were once #1 in Ocean 44 before being beaten their @$$ off and ran away to Ocean 65. Even after that, HM still taking cities every week from your main branch of the huge coalition in Ocean 54, 55 until your simmer WW were bust. What a glory?

Not long ago, your dear leader joined Emporion with countless of his $@$@%@# and didn't last longer than 1 month.

Now excuse!, boy!


About WW, any monkey can use its brain to send MM asking for 1000 players to send resources and cast favor. Our goal was not to compete that stupid strategy. We planned to build 1-2 WWs by our own HM (Go to stats and check that we had less than 100 rotation from Moloch and later TUS) and bust you simmers'. Oh dear, we did it and your super stars were more miserable than the goal keepers pictures in this PnP. Not long ago, boy!

And as Chad more than one time stated: Get your 1st team crew, no matter 100 or 1000, we only need 80. Scare?


Go cuddle with Erik and simulate that you are great player like him, who the f are you ?

Winning in Sinope !!! You are dumber than you look !


Yes,true,I am a Ferrari with No Brakes!
You just a Fiat Uno:d
Leolis, it requires a study to point out who won most.
If you say include allies,are you sure if I say the same stats will favor you?;)
Should I remind you the Danish alliance in 55?
Your ally?
Sheesh,better keep silent.

Someone said syndicalists are better:d
Okay, I just checked grepostats.
For the past week( March 24-31):
Leofungus alliance had 84 players(3 kicked on March 29).
Initial cities 1254.On March 31 1287 cities.Net growth 33 cities.
Point growth 720k.
Bp growth ( it was specifically mentioned) 600 k.

No Brakes same period:
Initial cities for 77 players(Marjanovic included) 1180.On March 31 NB has 1315.Net growth 135 cities( 6 cities of Marjanovic who passed to the twin not included. If they had remained in the main it was going to be 141).
Point growth 1,8 million(7 players less then Leofungus alliance).
Bp growth same week- over 2,150,000.

Two things:
First,NB has 7 players less then Leofungus alliance.
Second- we have not concentrated our best players in the main alliance as a simple check in grepostats will show.

Triple everything for the syndicalists and then let ne know who has the better stats:d

You will see that except for point growth( slight advantage) net growth in cities and bp is clearly in our favor.
Do not bother to check conquests since it is decidedly in our favor:d

Do you use the brain before coming to trash talk in externals?:d

Stop thinking that speed one,who is simply for pensioners,is the most attractive:d
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