Top 10 Alliances in Ocean 36


Yes even in the far off Ocean 36 there exist alliances. And after reading forum thread after thread after thread and finding no mention of the Alliances in O-36 I decided that it was time to do so myself.

I realize that it is normal to do the top 12 but I know very little about numbers 11, and 12 so I will hold my tounge rather than misspeak in regards them. forgive me.

1.) *UNTOUCHABLE* - 38 cities
This alliance is an MRA it seems without the high population of active players such as in O-55 an O-36 MRA looks slightly different. But the quality is the same. This alliance has occupied the border of O-35 and O-36 but its members are all over O-36. There does not seem to be much activity from them, and I believe that their structure is loose at best. there does seem to be much activity from them, but they are a contender nonetheless.

2.) Game Of Thrones - 32 cities
This alliance is silent, But it holds Pacts with powerful forces and should be viewed cautiously by those who would mock it. This alliance is consolidated it seems and its recruitment does not seem to be overly so. Definitely a friend to desire and an enemy to be feared in my opinion.

3.) *UNTOUCHABLEII* - 27 cities
This is the second alliance of this name. See *UNTOUCHABLE* for info.

4.) Spartan Army - 22 cities
Starting off small this alliance shows some promise (yes I am the leader) but multiple mergers and a recent round of inactive player kicks have thrown this alliance into the big leagues of O-36. This alliance holds many pacts and is quite active diplomatically. (If someone wishes to add something about this alliance then please do. I am not the best judge of my own alliance).

5.) The Undead Gladiators - 15 cities
Recently due to the inactivity of its founder this alliance has begun to flounder. But there is hope yet, a rising star within the alliance is running for the office of Alliance leader and if this happens then we should start seeing a tremendous force spring from it. The only question is will you fall before them, or will you stand tall beside them.

6.) Current - 23
The Current alliance is currently searching for someone to create or become a Current Academy Alliance. (I couldn't resist) Thus far their actions have been few, but at their rate of growth I smell an MRA arising in this wild current.

7.) Warrior From Hell - 21
Sheer numbers of players have thrown this alliance into the position it currently holds. With average player score being comparatively low I believe that this alliance has a short life span before an epic burn out.

8.) The Undead Academy - 15
Yes this is the sister alliance to the Undead Gladiators, but I do not believe that they are an MRA. they have recruited few players and primarily seem to be working on infrastructure rather than number growth. This alliance needs to be watched closely for more info.

9.) GRP-Wermacht - 12
Must I say more? This alliance has little if any activity. And from what I can tell it will remain this way unless it pulls a miraculous cure out of its hat.

10.) Spartans III - 5
Yes this MRA has made its way into O-36 and if it retains the MRA qualities of its sisters then it should soon jump in the rankings.

Please feel free to add anything that you want to this post. This is my first review of all time and my second post on the forums.
Furthermore I have only been playing for two weeks. (yeah I didn't start my own alliance, I was made leader because of my skills lol)

And thank you for your patience in reading.

So from the far off Ocean 36 I bid you a good day.