Top 12 Top 10 Alliances


Alright. Can an old timer explain to me why its top 12 instead of top 10? I never really got that :)


Here we go ill make a top 10 even though some of them wont even be here after bp but ill make it short don't worry. If people actually care ill make one after bp ends that actually goes a little more in depth.
1. Check Mate: SWIM
2. Red flags: FLOAT
3. Demos Kratos: SINK
4. Brother in arms: SINK
5. Beach Party: FLOAT
6.No tolerance : FLOAT
7. Dynamic impact: SWIM
8. Gone fusion: FLOAT
9. Clown fiesta: SINK
10. United states of of Nydri: SINK


Any ranking rn is pointless, a lot of good players are just golding and pre made alliances will drop in later. Most of the high alliance’s atm are MRAs i’d wager, and Beach Party is already almost at the member cap.


Not suprising due to the 30 alliance member cap. Look at the number of members not alliances before u all say whos an MRA... It will be expected in this world to be 2/3/4 branches per alliance easily


I hear a lot of moaning about what Grep. has become. Why not try and make it better ourselves,
Quit with the branches- only 30 members can win domination- more alliances more fun.
Let the best alliance win with 30 members, whether it down to gold, skill or diplomacy. You don't need branches, esp. so early all you do is split your best players as you cant trust your golders and simmers to run other branches.
Any decent alliance with good members will attack multi branched alliances as much as single alliances anyway.
Sorry this is in Top 12 ,lol


Branches even things up against the premades and the golders of the world, gives others a chance to have fun,...
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