Top 12 Top 12 Helio


hmm lets see here...
1. Bedtime Squad- Well they have Game12cy so he'll probably ghost in about a month...they have TheDaughterOfHera so another bad thing...but they do have MGK, so I'll say SWIM, but only cause MGK's going to carry their alliance
2. Written in Blood- The got Lethal-Bacon, BIG SWIM
3. MRA for NOOBs- just gotta look at the name to tell they will SINK
4. The Assassins- Never heard of any of them.... SINK
5. Butchers- Same as Assassins... SINK
6. The Ultimate Prime- Recognize them from Gortyn, big noobs, simmers, so SINK
7. Gold Traders- We're just here for gold people...
8. Blacklisted- Never heard of them but sure let's go with SWIM
9. GOLD Traders Inc.- Rip-off of Gold Traders... SINK
10. I'm not even gonna try to spell that so SINK
11. Not gonna try to spell that one either but they got Lord Prometey so SWIM
12. Hooch is Crazy- Like the name, never heard of the players, SWIM


Well do correct me if I'm wrong but 'Written in Blood' has the smell of a MRA.. though I am pleasantly surprised to see SilvasLegendZ so could this be a premade alliance? :)