Top 12 sink or swim

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    Dec 17, 2017
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    Oct 27, 2011
    1. Kallistei - A large group of astronomers, this group plays grep for fun when not working on their next Nobel Laureate. Large team, I am seeing strong players, swimming like Michael Phelps.
    2. Oceans Veterans - Terrific name, I see long time players, and hey, they have already risen to #2. When not working to save the Orca, they fish for barracuda in grepolis. This group will be one to look out for in DION. Look out Kallistei!
    3. Triad - This is a small lean team of slackers who are easily sidetracked by goatherding, reading books, candlelit dinners and walking in salmon shorts in Ontario. They do have a tumultuous history and struggle to remove drama from their day-to-day. They are actually expatriot New Zealander wannabes, who have already sunk to #3.
    4. 300. - This fine group of hoplites is 1/3 of the squad they were in the Battle of Leuctra, but then, that's not their fault, now is it. IS IT? Why does Grepolis not allow them to have their other 200 players? A travesty! At least they have 100 shields to lay their fallen on. Hey keep those pointy spears away from me! Lose the armor and swim.
    5. House of Pain - Maybe "Hotel California" was taken. But I hear screams coming from this place at night (no that wasn't Witch Bane trying to sing, just stop!) A number of players have 3 cities already (to get away from the screaming). swim
    6. Beasts - a put together. I can tell you now, some of them fell into the wrong ocean. Whoops. Watch out for Orcas. bait, (or, "I see a lot of cities in Gompus' and Ankit's future")
    7. Phoenix Legends - this scrappy crew of illegal immigrants from Arizona, have a tough reputation. 45 says they are all rapists and murderers. Don't believe it. They'll be the hit of ocean 54. swim
    8. Wrath - this group just wishes House of Pain would stop screaming. They are, unfortunately located between Triad and the refrigerator. A tricky place to be.
    9. Unum Superbia - the Housewives of grepolis, are just here to have fun, play honorably, and get better. If they stay in ocean 44, they might just get their wish. Keep swimming
    10. Mayhem - I see some ancient, wizened, grizzled, (shall I go on) faces of ye olde grepolis here. Throwing their lot into the game to create mayhem (or was that, CHAOS?) Not sure the world is ready for this. swim
    11. BC Repvblik - these belles of ocean 45 can swim, dabnabbit! I just wish our boss wouldn't keep saying, "move south and east into 45" when clearly, 45 is to our west. Guys you just bought yourselves another 3 months. After that, Goodbye and Good Night.... BANG!
    12. Reborn - this ecologically minded bunch of tree huggers bring their own food to Ocean 44, themselves! With the yellows they have to eat, plenty of bp to keep the wheels turning. Eventually they will be trying for a merge into Unum Superbia. My advice to US - don't.
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    Mar 29, 2015
    Nice list mate lol
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    Feb 22, 2016

    Nice, really nice statement but not all can swim....
    Suggest two weeks to make some adjustment...
  5. -Achilles-

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    Jan 15, 2010
    1. Kallistei - very overrated, haven't even managed a conquest in the last 24 hours. FLOATING
    2. Triad - lots of hype, but if you took out their best player then they'd only manage fourth. FLOATERS
    3. OCEANS VETERANS - naturals in both the water and grepo, expect them to SWIM
    4. House of Pain - seems like they've got a good bunch of players, will be a good fight but expect their numbers will fall short against OV's experience and location. If they've got the spirit for it then they could do well elsewhere in the world. SINK then SW-RIM
    5. Phoenix Legends - mind the gap after the top 4, although this group do still have something about them. While not a contender they could still have a long run in the world if they survive getting pushed out of O54 and into the East. FLOAT then SWIM
    6. Gods of Wrath - unfortunately for them I expect to see this group joining the names of Reborn, 300., BLACK KNIGHTS, Prima Superbia and Secunda Superbia as Kall scalps, being the only other alliance in 44 isn't a good thing. SINK
    7. Mayhem - at one point it looked like Mayhem would at least be able to hold their own against Triad, now I think not. SINK
    8. Beasts - discount Mayhem, which is never a good sign. SINK
    9. Scorpion Elite Forces - I don't know much about this group and trying to look past the name, it does seem they could have something about them. Like PL they could possibly have a future after getting pushed out of their core ocean, oh wait I just remembered their name all over again, SINK then SINK
    10. Mozzy's Angels - potential to take control of O46, future depends on how OV decide to expand. FLOAT
    11. Hostel of Pain - see #4.
    12. Victorium - got more locations than BLACK KNIGHTS have active players, potential to be the pick of the northern rim alliances. FLOAT
    13. Prima Superbia - original founder came up with the idea they'd all restart to the rim, didn't go down well. Don't know why they bothered reforming after they disbanded, they'll soon be joining him there. SINK
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    you seem to be illusive
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    Nov 26, 2012
    :D Greetings Grepodudes, a happy new year to all, long time since I made an appearance on here, had to give up my fun in Byblos World a couple of months and quit due to work committments in the run up to Christmas but all for a good cause.

    Back and looking to play again in the next fast world. Not playing this snails pace world but have lots of friends who are so I shall stick my head in the stocks and give a top 12 as all for making the forums chatty.

    1 Kallistei - Interesting group, some talented players in here for sure but many of which have a liking for the Grepo "Fast lane" world speed rather than the Dion "hard shoulder". Will they get bored on route 66?.... will their roster begin to look like traffic lights of red, yellow (yes yes i know it meant to be amber but grant me a little poetic licence here) and green?

    If they stay then they will be a contender, the imminent Winter Grepo-olympics will be music to their ears, a welcome early service station on this the long road and something that they will use to their great advantage but whether thats enough to prevent long term boredom creeping in once the manti tokens have run out, i'm not sure. Bit widely spread cutting two oceans could make them a little Geographically challenged in comparison to Triad and OV but with everybody having a huge Nap Love in at the moment they have the chance to consolidate a little.

    Short term - SWIM but can't see the long term interest remaining, they are more than capable if they remain but my hunch is that they will exit the road at the turn off signposted BOREDOM.

    2 Triad - No problem with Boredom for these guys, they thrive on it in fact Boredom is their middle name. They are here for the long haul with their Sudoko Puzzles, games of I-Spy and Snooze Room on skype - Its Meh but very well organised so expect them to be their usual highly efficient selves.

    One major dissapointment though is that Billy does not yet own his own island so.... if anybody finds his lost wallet during their travels i'm sure he will offer a little reward for its return. There again maybe Ankit already found it and is not telling?

    Sorry to see Raven Lord depart this early, good player, will this be one world too far for Triad?.... I don't think so has the potential to be a great world if the main protagonists ever come to blowing each other raspberries rather than kisses - if not could be the most boring world ever.

    SWIM for sure.

    3 OCEANS VETERANS - Very similar to Triad but in my experience they lack the cutting edge/ruthlessness of Triad. Nice guys of the world some would say but maybe TOO nice? Very nice core as you would expect but does their roster have the depth required to remain competitive once the dancing stops?

    In my opinion and on cursory glance of the map this is the most interesting ocean. They need to take care of Pain at some point you would imagine, both alliances are growing and conflict when it comes would hugely benefit the Voyuers across the border of Kallestei and Triad who would both hope for a long drawn out campaign. OV would need to bulldoze the Pain Households fairly comprehensively and quickly. At the moment they seem to be hugging each other - Have the feeling that K & Triad will be watching developments between HOP and OV very carefully. Maybe that OV and HOP work together which would give them a very strong ocean but little food or maybe one of them will side with Triad against the other? Good potential for fisticuffs in this ocean and could be key in shaping the world.

    SWIM Elegantly and in the best trunks and cozzies.

    4 House of Pain - Firstly guys I have to complain, when I looked at your roster I had the misfortune to see your pacts on display. Now come on guys appearance is everything, Visible Pacts are very unattractive, they are the "VPL" of Grepolis, please, very unsightly so never again please. Unknown quantity as an alliance but recognise some good players amongst their numbers. Will need to establish a core very quickly as they are spread fairly widely around O45. Can't really comment on their chances until we see some real fisticuffs, although with some solid names there the longer they are allowed to grow the more difficult they will be to remove.

    Could be a good fight with OV if they go toe to toe one on one (or two on two with sisters/academies).

    SWIM in a Doggie-Paddle kind of way.

    5 Beasts - Hummmm, Beasts....? not sure about the name, I was searching for something fitting in line with their performance so far - Tiger?, Lion?, Rhino?, Leopard?, ummmmm NO. Turkey was the best fit i could find, in fact not quite even a Turkey but a Turkey carcus on which Triad had been feeding over xmas. Generous though -seem to have some kind of "Buy one get one free" offer on their cities over the xmas period.

    Sorry guys but you are going to get stuffed after xmas as well as during, so FLOAT for a while then SINK.

    6 Phoenix Legends - Sorry guys going to be blunt here, nice name and of course the legend is that Phoenix always rises from the ashes, however, the reality is that this Alliance has about as much chance of rising from the Ashes as the Poms Cricket Team.

    Too many lightweights here out of your depth long term but will float for a while purely because of location and lack of any immediate hard-hitters but no long term future. Handbags with local alliances for a while but nothing more.

    FLOAT then SINK.

    7 Mayhem - These guys have one purpose in this world - FOOD. Package it up however you wish but the contents are the same. Unlucky geographically but will be struggling to survive a month or two.

    8 Gods of Wrath - Lyrics from Gods of Wrath Metal Church "Cast out and abandoned, you had to pay the fare", well whatever the fare this alliance are never going to be able to afford the ride. Had to give up their seats on the bus to others, have been standing for a few stops but will kicked unceremoniously off the bus after a few more stops. No chance for these guys.

    9 Scorpion Elite Forces - Not wishing to prejudge but one thing thats fairly normal in Grepolis is that the word "Elite" is Grepo speak for "Cr@p". Scorpion will remain for a while but will get stung.


    10 Mozzys Angels - Probably one of the most cringeworthy names i've heard of, do you all sit in your skype room listening to the theme tune ? Yuk. Some of these guys I know from Byblos, Goats i think who were but kicked from their ocean. A few ok-ish players but more Europa League than Champions League.


    11 BLACK KNIGHTS - Just think of the Monty Python film when i see these guys name, if you know the character you'll understand - nothing more needs saying here.


    12 Merciful Dawn - Making up the numbers, might as well change their name to Background Scenary.

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    Jul 3, 2017
    If anyone reading this has even bothered to check since reading, There was a good reason for that lack in CQ or not

    When you posted this we had more than 10 PS or ex PS city’s under siege remember 24hr sieges.

    Lack of conquests pfft
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    Jan 21, 2010
    I think he was being sarcastic lol
  10. dustballs1

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    Oct 27, 2011
    As of 7 March

    1. Kallistei - This group was #1 in January and is #1 today (in size at least). Not the best at attack, defense, or city gains, but right up there. Nice and steady. I heard they are raising watermelons for the right group to pluck. Keep Swimming, food supply!

    2. Triad - With one of their princes gone, this group is floundering to say the best. Last I heard they were thinking of moving as a team to a European command game. Something with goats and short-wave radios. Until they get it together, watch out. These people are carnivores.

    3. Victorium - Up and comer, putting it together 3 months late, this group is the obvious victor (hence the name) and the rest don't even know it yet. Today's grepoinfo shows them 2nd in attack points only to [ally]Triad[/ally]. They were biggest in city gains for the past week. Though I heard they also enjoy craft beer and the goat petting zoo, don't mistake them for tame. Watch out Kallistei and Triad. In a year these guys could be the next victor.

    4. OCEANS VETERANS - Was ranked 3rd and dropped in place due to up and comer [ally]Victorium[/ally]. Today they were ranked 12th in Attack/Defense points and 14th in towns gain in grepoinfo. Taking a timeout folks?

    5. House of Pain - as in well, real pain, man. As a major supplier to cities, they can't be beat. Shockingly, they are #4 overall in Fighting points. Guess they are picking their ocean and letting outlier cities go. Keep those swimmies on.

    6. Fire and Ice - The last DION news said they might be having troubles with the 5-way alliance. They are still ranked up with the others in overall ABP and DBP, but grepoinfo has them 3rd for Defense points today, and 12th for Attack points. Losing a little ground?

    7. Dawn Of The Titans & sister group Dawn Of The Titans II (14th) - Both groups together are right where they belong, and likely right where they will stay somewhere between 6 - 12.

    8. .Just Chillen. - Look for these guys to soon overtake [ally]Dawn Of The Titans[/ally]. They are taking more cities and just plain growing faster.

    9. Littoral Combat - 12th place in attacking, 11th in defense, and shoot-me-now in past 5 days city gains. Need I say more?

    10. As Athens Burns - based on last week's city gains, they are outperforming a number of higher ranked teams.

    11. S.T.O.R.M - due to internal struggles, and some curious new 'players' populating the roster, would suggest the good players jump to another team asap. Shuddering at shadows of LATO, hoping that is not the case.

    12. muirotciv - placed in 11th/12th for ABP, DBP and lower in city gains. Located in oceans 43, 53 and 63.

    Top Alliances by Ocean (sorry I didn't feel like doing the maps)
    Ocean 44
    3,284,102 Points 399 Cities
    Dawn Of The Titans 679,852 Points 105 Cities
    Victorium 570,208 Points 83 Cities ​

    Ocean 45
    3,410,886 Points 475 Cities
    House of Pain 3,235,686 Points 428 Cities
    S.T.O.R.M 1,005,048 Points 185 Cities​

    Ocean 54
    Kallistei 3,253,561 Points 368 Cities
    Victorium 829,678 Points 99 Cities
    Victium 291,032 Points 50 Cities​

    Ocean 55
    Triad 4,494,989 Points 524 Cities
    Littoral Combat 726,664 Points 110 Cities
    S.T.O.R.M 640,980 Points 95 Cities​

    Ocean 64
    Littoral Combat
    859,390 Points 132 Cities
    As Athens Burns 514,287 Points 81 Cities
    Lugh's Legion 370,643 Points 87 Cities​

    Ocean 65
    As Athens Burns
    1,173,012 Points 202 Cities
    Littoral Combat 211,737 Points 30 Cities
    just chillen. 177,582 Points 36 Cities​
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    Feb 25, 2017
    Hey dust, enjoyed the read, thanks for picking up on top12, as for the 'losing ground' it was just one loooooong defense of a siege we had btw, was actually really fun to see it happen, had another today, sure you will have caught it ;)
  12. dustballs1

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    Oct 27, 2011
    Update: At this point there appear to be only 3 loci of power:
    Victorium/mirotciv/Victium - 123 players, 9,951,691 points, northern oceans
    The pathetic Kallistei are being obliterated by Victorium. They ve lost 37 cities and taken 2.

    Triad - ocean 55
    All the other biggies, to wit:
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