Top 12 Sink or Swim


I actually don't think you can blame BWNW, they haven't have anyone really to compete with.. must be dull too for them! Cuddles might have had a chance (had things not ended like it did) or certainly could have made it interesting..

I'm jealous of their lack of drama tbf haha this server has been full of it for me! :D
if you don't want drama, just don't talk with anyone else, easy
i will never understand how can people have 3 or 4 pacts and say they enjoy the game.... you need to spend more time talking with others than playing.
even in your own alliance, why would you talk with others and discuss strategies? just play and have fun. spamming with friends is fine. everyone talking about strategies, maps, movements, merges bla bla bla... are you playing grepo or trying a new facebook?
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No Pacts! No Maps! going to be my motto!!
actually pact is sometimes useful too. But more than 1 pact is soooooooooooooo Trash. I mean, how you can get bp or good fight if you pact with either half or 3/4 of world alliances? (example of many pact is below)