Top 12 Top 12


1 Aegean Empire - MRA, sink
2 HoW dOo U SpEl GhOlD - V. Good alliance, swim
3 2goog4u - Copied 2Good4U, Sink
4 Ghost - Ghosts dont exist, sink
5 Gold Traders Inc. - Another V. Good alliance, swim

Edit 1: Ghost disbanded, just like I predicted
Edit 2: 2goog4u renamed to 2good4u, just like I predicted
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1 Independent - top alliance looking like good contenders for WW's
2 HoW dOo U SpEl GhOlD - noobs, worst alliance on list
3 Aegean Empire - n00bs
4 Gold Traders Inc. - look like good fighters high bp ranking
5 Virdinians - swim got good supplier
6 New Dawn - new dusk once I'm done with their dusty ***
7 Myrmidons - eh
8 Old Farts - the farts are smelly too
9 Quest - quest to the rim
10 The Golden Monks - merged and sinking, mra
11 Ghost - sunk like i predicted
12 Shadow - sunk

Alot of thought went into this one fellas so would appreciate some love shared around

p.s. give me gold


any leginimate predictions? good premades, mras etc


"WW contender" Bp hasn't even ended. Noobs like you piss me off. You're lucky I won't be staying in this world..


I won't be making WW predictions at this point.. I can't even predict what I'll have for my breakfast.. ;)
No one will be for 10 months atleast... our friend Grepo Chuck didn't get the memo but my top 12 was satirical