Top 15 Alliances


Guys I am going to explain why RS I and II and FC are not 1 alliance.RS is the original alliance founded by czar666 and FC was founded by Spelaren.They had a pact and RS was fighting an alliance called mercenary founded of many alliances but some of the members did not care about the no friends no enemies policy,so they attacked RS.FC was founded when mercenary started.Spelaren was disappointed cuz everyone ran to merc. It was only for very active players.Czar made a pact with the phantoms and brotherhood.he didnt want more enemyes.Mercenary disbanded and the RS leaders sent mails to all of the pact alliance leaders.They wanted to work together, joined forums and everything.Fc responded positive and thats how the friendship started.Spelaren wanted to keep his alliance and he refused to merge in to others. RS II is an academy for new and less experienced members.When u prove your self in RS II you go to RS while FC is the ultimate elite.
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Please this thread is for the top 15 alliances to be rated and not for war talk. We have a thread for that pls move your posts there.


do any of you guys know about our alliance named "Achaean League" am asking because need to know how many are popular with it...

hagger the horrible

right the whole forum is filled with old posts.. what gives? I come to see whats going on here, but find nothing new.


Best Alliances At The End

1. Crimson VRod United- Definitely finishing strong with a recent merge and a top three player and over 46 million points with 20 days to go. At war with Friendship and Strike Force. Allied with Rising Stars, Phoenix Alliance, League of Corinth MK2, and 5 Knuckle Philosophy.
2. Friendship- Extremely formidable alliance with first and second best players lodged in this 19 player alliance. At war with Crimson VRoD, Phoenix alliance, Rising Stars and a few others. Allied with Strike Force.
3. Rising Stars- Very recently passed ally Phoenix Alliance for the third spot. Overall a strong alliance fueled by players like panafone. At war with Friendship and Strike Force. Allied with Crimson VRoD, Phoenix Alliance, League of Corinth MK2 and others.
4. Phoenix Alliance- My alliance in Kappa and World Wonder leaders . . . allied with Indian Alliance, Rising Stars, League of Corinth MK2 and more. At War with Friendship and Strike Force.

17. One Man Band- best one player alliance.
18. Public Enemy- Once great but fallen apart.
36. THE WOLFMEN- worst alliance with more than one player totalling a whopping 2,467 on two players.