Top 15 Alliances


Yeah, well please keep in mind that I have had little or no first hand experience with the vast majority of these alliances, so I had to base most everything on stats alone, and I will be the first to admit there is an excellent chance I am incorrect. All of my predictions so far have been accurate, however ;)
Was just an attempt to get some discussion going in an anemic forum, which was not quite as successful as I had hoped heh.

beercules the great

Fair enough noodlesj although I did think you were slightly harsh on Vanguard of Justice lol. They have a very good leadership under gadjan12 and Perrry Landry and have been taking cities from The Republic pretty easily.
I think I need to retract my statement about project core then. I havent really had any contact with them whatsoever but did hear reports about IrishCrazy taking a couple of cities from the order of the temple and made it look ridiculously easy
Republic and VoJ have been trading cities for a while now. They did well early conquering 1 or 2 inactives. VoJ have a lot of points overall, but its just a handful of good players that are essential doing most of the fighting for them - I see the same 6 or 7 guys on the reports all the time.


We, Varvaroi fought VoJ before they grew to the size they are now and the only worthwhile players they had were Gadjan12 and Perry Landry who I mentioned before. However they do have some very good players, like Turtle19, Shadowgangster,Bob19032 zoron the great etc. I'm not sure how well they are doing but from the claims tab we share its clear that they take the majority of Republic cities that they claim. Although in recent days they have taken on some deadwood.
Also does anyone know what is going on with Armageddon? They seemed to be doing really well but it looks as some of their players have left...