Top 15 as of Now

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Rank Name Points Players Average points
1 Great Global Warriors 34570614 95 363901
2 The Ecstatic Escapades 21498655 41 524357
3 Incubi 15620325 28 557869
4 Eastern Republic 11962982 65 184046
5 Alliance X 10592731 35 302649
6 A New Dawn 7269786 28 259635
7 Srpska vojska 4868930 24 202872
8 Great White Death 4769759 19 251040
9 Brothers of War 4261243 60 71021
10 Forsaken 3553265 63 56401
11 TEE Pot 2470310 10 247031
12 Behemoth Academy 1763842 64 27560
13 The Exalted 1581555 37 42745
14 Burning Fire 1175764 26 45222
15 The Esoterics 1070264 37 28926

So its been a few months since a thread that has been updated, has been made.

Feel Free to leave Commentary. Such as what you think or know about the Alliance


I know not all of TEE is involved but even just the few that are are just huge players. To TEE 5-6k biremes is nothing, to break that with even more LS is a near impossible task for us in ER. That combined with a few good players recently gone inactive hasn't helped.

We fight back where we can but it's always hard to fight a losing battle. Will have to see what happens really, don't like to be pessimistic but hey.


Sorry Phears but I couldn't resist posting these from Farg:p

And now you've left ER Pheers......


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lol man your cutting me deep here, just leave an old man to a peaceful retirement :p
A little harsh but it had to be out there in the interests of Farg's public:) You may be down but you're not out, perhaps you ought to schmooze the leaders of A New Dawn so you can be with your BFF, Mason......


perhaps you ought to schmooze the leaders of A New Dawn so you can be with your BFF, Mason......

GZ thats below the belt :p, Yes it is true I'm now a leader in A New Dawn, But Phears will always be my BBF :p


I personally think GGW shouldnt be ranked in the top 15,Between all the bannings and vms.Its near impossible to find actives amongst them.TBH. it would be like Incubi doin a alliance vacation and waiting for people to catch up and read some guides on attacking and building a correct academy lol.


Fully agree Courage, i went looking for a target today in ocean 54 and every ggw i clicked on was either VM mode or banned :(
we need a new MRA to be formed so we can have someone to pick on :p lol im joking danny before you mass mail me :p
but yeah come on guys, whats the story, I miss action :( thats why im being so active seeking a fight :(


The thing is, A New Dawn are so bad me and spartan can personally take them out. Ive now knocked up my Anew dawn conquest total to 8. And that number will be going up shortly, if they werent cowards and all went on vacation mode. What i am trying to figure out is why you guys feel so under-confident you have to boost your egos by picking on us. With all your 'they shouldnt be in the top 15' talk you still havent really advanced your front line. us full of banned people? Hmmm, who've you lost relatively recently: samus maxim, thracian, eguthrie, zolen, (forgoten hat hes called, thizzle or sumin)


True we have lost a few to inactive or just quit the game.But we are left with actives who are strong and imho Incubi has never really been weak.I cannot advance my frontline really,I have to look 8hrs away and only a handful of GGW actives who arnt attacking incubi players or taking our cities.I dont think a city has fallen since superman got annoyed with GGW using 5 members to attack a player at his offline times.He found it in poor sportmanship.I think thats why I get annoyed with people who run to vm.Vm is good for real life issues and that sort of thing.But when a player abuses it to hide away or cant handle the heat so to speak.It really annoys me.But when they return their alliance mates have lost cities since they are left as the only active targets.Which I think there is only around 10 GGW actives in 44.


I shouldn´t even defend this, but I am going to "explain" what is happening to you. Nobody was ganging up on anybody. That player was actually supposed to be online at the time he lost 2 cities. That he was at a party, well....can´t really be something that we would know about now could it??????? I was told afterwards. I have been taking a lot of his cities. Yes!!!! But as I also told superman, I don´t like being called a non-honorable player, as I am not picking on him cause he is weak. I am picking on him because we have a history, but I doubt he told you that, now did he????? Why else would I take HIS cities, when there are plenty in my really save zone of O44 to take?

Oh and besides you should try asking your leader yo what he is doing :p I havent been online once under any of his attacks. Only difference is he hasnt been lucky so far
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I dont know how Incubi is run, but from every other alliance in grepolis one word is used a lot: teamwork. is 5players attacking one enemy unhonourable or just good teamwork?


Danny A New Dawn is awefull?? Right tell me you and spartan can take them all out, so why do you persist to avoid me like the plague? I personally have took 4 cities off of you and no reply, Not even a single attack (I SENSE FEARRRRR) But still you claim you and spartan can wipe out A New Dawn, So i send an open invite to both of you idiots to actually grow a set and come for me instead of hiding, Waiting for me to come after you...!!!

I hope you're demolishing -suPra- for me cause it's been gut wrenching, Demolishing you're sim cities, So please start soon, Cause ima coming for both of you...!!!

Pfft Danny are you and Spartan the GGW version of the village people...???


"teamwork of using 5 players' to take 1 who has lower citys than you isnt honerable, Taking them 1v1 is.. If you cant take a city without needing 5 players to help you then this really isnt the game for you, When you had 4-5 ctys against a person with 30 cities then sure i can understand 3-4 players teaming up on him.
player involved 71 Cities (not naming names)
Players attacking him Player 1 ggw 91 cities
Player 2 ggw 55 cities
Player 3 ggw 54 cities
player 4 ggw 77 cities
so 277 villages vs 71
honorable? more like slaughter :p
And danny Simple Answer is Inubi Isnt Run its managed by a Leader who lets his players choose what they do and how they do it, knowing that they will do there best in all aspects, and to think and work independantly, as its been demonstrated when needed Incubi will call in other Members to assist but most of us like working alone and work best alone. We do have Teamwork but its just not as obvious to outsiders (man we sound like a cult)


Well nobody ever ganged up on this player. There were 3 players attacking him one evening when he was supposed to be online. 2 worked together the last worked alone. Whenever I have taken a city off of this player I have done it alone. I like working alone, as it is much easier to coordinate attacks, so get your facts straight first before accusing anyone of being not honorable. Furthermore when I first started attacking him and taking cities off of him he had WAY more cities than me. I cant help it that he hasnt grown and I have. As I said there is history involved in this matter.

If you are talking about supporting a siege, yes I got help. But that is only cause all of Inc ganged up and attacked the siege, so I cant say that I know what you are talking about, and as a matter of fact feel very offended by being called not honorable.


This frequent reference to attacking a city/player when they are offline being lame/poor sportsmanship/dishonorable etc is crazy to me. Players can't be expected to arrange their play around another player's schedule. You attack when you're online and have the freedom to time attacks and support. No one posts their "availability" to receive attacks. IMO, it is insanity to argue that players can't attack at "their" active times because the enemy they want to hit is usually offline at that time, and that if they do so, they are evil dishonorable players. Utter nonsense.

Player A: Hey, I want to attack are you online?
Player B: Yes I am but I'm going to a movie in 5 minutes.
Player A: Oh , how does your schedule look for tomorrow around 0600?
Player B: No man, I have to take my son to his basketball game.
Player A: How about the next day? I'm off all day.
Player B: No, that is my mom's birthday and we'll be spending the whole day at her house.
Player A: Well screw it man, I'm going to attack you anyway when I'm online next.
Player B: You suck, that's dishonorable and you're a poor sport.