Top 5 WW Predictions


Who will be around for WW? Who has a chance at winning based on current positioning?

My Top 5
I'm Telling Mummy- They have replace TE as the biggest kids on the block and their positioning is great, they have WARGASM and SNIPERS cores in addition to their own,
Internal Abyss- No bias here
The Exiles- With DV merging into them they will obtain the two best cores on the map, DV's core along with their own core and 99 Gang's core.
Mayhem- They still have two distinct cores but one of those cores is infested with ITM members. Since Detrinoid and other alliances they attacked lacked large cores they were at a disadvantage from day one in terms of islands for wonders.
HEROES- A huge amount of density in their ocean, with nearly 200 cities on the rim, they will probably end up with the best core on the rim which will give them a great defensive bonus as they are packed so tightly.


Odysseus I love how you're just going around hating on TE. Really funny, while accurate.
Ponini well said. Been saying for a while now Mayhem needs to make a proper core instead of expanding across what, 5 oceans now? Least we got time, right?
Well I don't hate on TE as a whole - but there are one or two players I have no respect for. Thing is that although they were behind in war with you, as I said the other day I don't think it was an existential problem because of how well they were set up. War on one front was never going to kill them off. War on two fronts against major alliances is almost always fatal, though.


True but they can bounce back seeing as their core is great for defending. They could control only half of the islands they currently have members on and would still have the biggest core in the world.
Yeah, but WW is a numbers game - well so's the rest of the game really. And the only number that counts is number of cities. So even if they can survive a year of war on two fronts, which I'm not sure of, they won't have enough cities to feed their WW attempt.


3 of these looking like they are still in the game with 1 going down the drain...

as for TE, well, lol