Top 5


Here's the top 5 for the world.

1) Fiasco United


It's hard to talk about Fiasco without talking about the number 2 on our list, but will try to keep them distinct. Fiasco is expanding effectively and efficiently, having caved in their main opposition on drop in o54 and the line with o44 (Persians) in an OP just before Easter peace time, and forcing them to dissolve and collapse into Noobs when peacetime dropped with an immediate part 2. They're dominating on the Fighter rankings, with their ABP ratios outstripping the DBP of the coalition, and the points and city counts are now starting to break away too. The Easter event is clearly favouring them more than their opposition, and it'll be interesting to see how much momentum they have by the end of the event, and if it'll be enough to carry them to a clean victory. At the moment it certainly looks that way.

2) Noobs/Fynbos/Wombles

The mega coalition of this world, the rank 2, 3 and 5 alliances have joined together, with 4 being sort of linked, but not fully involved from what I can tell from World Chat. This is to be expected, as it happens most worlds in Grepolis now as people don't realise that domination is won through expansion rather than hugging. They will likely stifle their own growth and development for perceived "safety" on their non-Fiasco borders, but will still no doubt lose heavily in warscore and growth vs Fiasco, inevitably being unable to compete at Domination. The 200 members being unable to fit into a single alliance will also be an issue, but their leadership have familiar MRA names like theoldestdear, so they'll just do their usual trick of "We can fix it later", never do so, and lose.

3) Naughty North

Probably the strongest position out of the top 5 alliances, and they may well know this, due to not having thrown themselves into the coalition headfirst like the others. They're well positioned to pick off coalition cities and form a second front, racking up decent growth and warscore in o45. That said, it'll likely not give them a win domination wise, but they'd be better off doing this and then pushing for some merged dom slots and playing kingmaker if Fiasco somehow don't come out of the next 3 months with a clean 40%.

If they join the coalition, just add them to the above paragraph for Noob, Fynbos, etc as they'll just be in the same situation.

4) Defcon

The only non coalition member (I think) that has some semblence of being put together and not a couple of attacks away from collapse. A few active members. They'll likely potter along and put up more resistance than browns or the MRA's, but won't be in a position to contribute to Dom. 1 or 2 players may be poached by higher ranking alliances if they start to run away with city count compared to the rest of the alliance. At least they're alarmed and have walls, that's more than some of Fynbos.

5) Founding Fathers/Anyone Else


Warscore of Fiasco vs others


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Revolt Olympus when?


i respec that...and all can be or act they see it is best for them...


Can we get another top 5
I guess?

1) Fiasco United

Big gap

2) Naughty North

3) Virus

4-6) Defcon 1,2,3





As you can see, Fiasco have won.

There's not too much else to discuss. Their ABP vs overall towns lead shows that the simming desire isn't quite there ratio wise compared to the rest, but it'll still be enough to easily get 40%. They just wont be setting any dom % records for EN this time.

If people find the fight for 2nd more interesting, then that maybe has a bit more to talk about.

Defcon aren't a factor, they're just a big MRA that can occasionally prevent the odd take by Mass Mailing 140 players and hoping for enough biremes. They won't ever take anything off Fiasco, and that's who they're close to. Warscore is 0-115 w/Fiasco.

Naughty North vs Virus is the main squabble down there. With NN leading 49-32 vs Virus, but generally still the smaller alliance. It'll be interesting to see if they can get that up to either 100 total takes, or getting a lead of 50 cities in the warscore so as to claim "victory" over virus.


say that till i join defcon and we mop the floor with fiasco then i ghost when dom starts and leave them out to dry