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Discussion in 'Baris Alliances' started by Quirinus Maximus, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. My name is General Quirinus Maximus. aka QMAX.

    I am a former member of "Permanent Ban" in EN27. I took a mental break from the game but am now back in full force. I will go at this alone for a few days, maybe weeks. If you feel the urge to recruit me for your alliance, please introduce yourself and converse with me via PM first. I will not accept blind invitations, especially from MRAs. Should I join your alliance know that you are adding an experienced, active and loyal member. See you in the open seas.


  2. I can understand Quirinus (had to retype 3 times to make it right) Maximus, but why General? :eek:
  3. Anyways I'm looking for a strong alliance to join.
    Will I be safe in your alliance from the bullies?
  4. mungus1974

    mungus1974 Strategos

    Nov 29, 2011
    I would invite you but we are -MRA- i doubt you will like it :)
  5. FallOutBecky

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    If you want a strong, rapidly-growing alliance, the Greek Snipers is for you! You will find all of our members to be honourable and friendly; we would expect the same from any prospective members (barring enemies of course! )
    Our alliance will always help you and support you in times of need. We have rapidly climbed the alliance rankings and are 3rd and 4th in Oceans 63 and 64 respectively, although we are not limited to this area.
    Recruiting is open for a limited time only. We're looking for active players with over 500 points - if you're interested, or have any questions, simply message me
    Pact requests are also welcome, again message me (I am leader and diplomat, operating in Ocean 64).
    Thanks in advance!
    Greek Snipers
  6. Gyes

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    Why would someone sitting in O34 want to join an alliance that is mainly located in O63 and O64? Quite a long ways away for support. Besides, QMax appears to be concentrating on en49.
  7. FallOutBecky

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    Just an offer