treats not worth it


Hi guys and girls i was looking into the things you get for building the wonder worlds its not great is it and the hero world is the biggest waste of time a lot of work for nothing 10% more faster troops lol and 10%more favour

does any else feel the same look at the stupid hero world stuff what a big let down its nearly as bad as the christmas presents searching the whole ocean for a box for 10 mins to get troops that would take 1hr to build or some loot that you dont even notice when you collect ohh and did i forget the prize for logging in every day 500 of each resource whip e do an hour worth of resources i dont see them giving you any free gold
I have to say well done to the grepolis team on the wonder world thing getting alliances to stop attacking and building to start sending resources to build a pointless eyesore and making a boring game that more boring
looking forward to your views:heh: